Extend Event Sponsorship ROI

Increase the ROI on your brand investments by connecting sponsorship and event audiences to lead generation programs with intelligentVIEW.  

Identify, profile, and retarget your event audiences

Identify event attendees by geofencing the location and identifying Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs).

Connect event MAIDs with home location postal code using intelligentVIEW.

Profile, map and build audiences from event attendees.

Tap into intelligentSEGMENTS to better understand the audiences.

Use insights to inform creative and messaging.

Build omni-channel campaigns to reach those audiences.

intelligentVIEW Audience Builder Tools

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Build and target audiences with data from over 29 million automotive transactions.


Build audiences from hundreds of questions collected in the Numeris RTS study.

Your Customer Data

Connect your anonymized customer data to  thousands of weighted research attributes.

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