Enhance Trigger-based Programs

intelligentVIEW’s timely data updates and premium data modules allow marketers to identify and reach audiences during pivotal life stage moments and experiences. 

Illustration of a shopper. Shopper data is driving profits for retailers with intelligentVIEW

Pre-mover data module

Introducing the Pre-mover premium data module from CiG. Target prospects during a key purchasing period in their lives.   

Based on address level real estate listings information.

Connect street addresses to roof top accurate digital audiences to reach across digital and direct channels.

Data to identify life stage moments

All plans include 17+ data modules built from 30,000+ data attributes derived from Canada’s top authoritative privacy compliant databases.  No more restrictive costly data licensing. 


Automated system featuring 94 built-in, fully described, actionable segments

Two Tier K Means Clustering for statically built segments

Augment your segmentation with 3rd party data

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