Enhance Trigger-based Programs

intelligentVIEW’s timely data updates and premium data modules allow marketers to identify and reach audiences during pivotal life stage moments and experiences. 

Illustration of a shopper. Shopper data is driving profits for retailers with intelligentVIEW

Pre-mover Data

Introducing the Pre-mover premium data module from CiG. Target prospects during a key purchasing period in their lives.   

Based on address level real estate listings information.

Connect street addresses to roof top accurate digital audiences to reach across digital and direct channels.

Data to Identify Life Stage Moments

All plans include our data modules built from 30,000+ data attributes derived from Canada’s top authoritative privacy compliant databases.  No more restrictive costly data licensing. 


Investment behaviours, preferred financial institutions, savings, insurance, and more.


Census data on family structure, education, income, cultural diversity, income, and more attributes.


Details about driving preferences, types of cars driven, auto insurance, and purchasing behaviours.

Shopping Habits

Consumer data on shopping behaviours and where people spend their money at large retailers.

Media Broadcast

Popular media engagement across streaming services, television, radio, and social media channels.

Household Spending

Granular details on average household spending from groceries, clothing, health, and personal care.

Recreation & Lifestyles

Major life events, activities, hobbies, concerts, sports attendance and more from 3,000 attributes.


Travel preferences such as popular vacation types, top destinations, and preferred accommodations


Popular restaurant franchises, coffee shops, fast food brands, and more on where consumers eat.


Consumption of soft drinks, beer, alcoholic brands, and other beverage types. 


Preferred mobile carriers, home internet providers, and consumer wireless spending habits.

Media Print

Readership behaviours from preferred news and magazine publications across Canada.

Digital Persona

Digital consumption patterns based on internet and website engagement to understand audiences.

Energy Opinions

Survey data on green energy opinions and consumption, such as environmentally friendly products.

Data Methodology

Read our Data Methodology to learn how CiG's unique data approach drives actionable insights.


Automated system featuring 94 built-in, fully described, actionable segments

Two Tier K Means Clustering for statically built segments

Augment your segmentation with 3rd party data

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