Financial Services

Grow your prospecting database and identify the right opportunities to upsell to existing customers with CiG’s intelligentVIEW insights platform. 

Change Equals Opportunity

Canadians tend to stick with their banks.  But, when they do switch it’s often based on a lifestyle trigger such as getting married, buying a home, or having a baby. 

Data and insights is what drives success in capitalizing on these lifestyle moments for financial service marketers. 

Scale Trigger-based Programs

intelligentVIEW offers virtually instantaneous segmentation, profiling, and mapping of audiences.

Introducing CiG's premium pre-mover data module.

Identify major life stage moments with intelligentVIEW's 17+ built-in data modules.

Test scenarios, uncover new markets, and build audiences with automated profiling tools.

Target pre-movers digitally at the rooftop, street address level.

Reach target audiences across digital and direct media channels.

Identify, Profile, and Activate Audiences

Timing is everything for financial institutions, that is why our platform is designed to find and reach new prospects quickly, across all channels.

Household (postal codes) and street addresses are one of the most stable and accurate identifiers.

100% Canadian household market coverage.

Connected to 30+ million privacy compliant, expressed consent, Mobile Advertising IDs with rooftop level location accuracy.

Push audiences directly to your media vendors.

Ready to take a closer look?

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