Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG) is a Toronto-based marketing technology company that innovates the way companies plan and implement data-driven marketing programs. Through our audience insights and media activation platform, intelligentVIEW, marketers can visualize and connect insights to media activation in near real-time – all provided through transparent monthly insights and data as a service pricing plans.

It’s easy. Select the package that works best for you and your team and contact sales. Our team will then set-up your users and schedule training. That’s it, you’re ready to go. 

Our pricing is simple and transparent, based on features you need and number of users.  Checkout our plans for more details or contact sales to discuss the solution that works best for you. 

No, intelligentVIEW is a cloud based tool, there is no integration required. 

All data used by CiG is in compliance with Canadian privacy legislation.  CiG’s privacy policy can be found here. We also compile and maintain documentation for all our data sources that can be provided upon request. 


CiG has partnered with Canada’s leading data providers who are continually updating and suppling new data attributes into the intelligentVIEW platform.

intelligentSEGMENTS is CiG’s powerful segmentation system that clusters 15.4 million Canadian households into 94 segments based on socioeconomics, demographics, behaviours, and lifestyle data.  Marketers use intelligentVIEW to understand what drives consumer choices enabling them to create relevant campaigns and accurately targeted messages. Learn more. 

Six digit postal code is a privacy compliant common identifier that allows marketers to connect many data sources, build robust profiles and execute programs. 

Yes, we integrate proprietary data into the system all the time and establish workflow for updating and maintaining. 

CiG’s methodology begins with our unique approach that pools our data sources into an ecosystem where sources are used to cross-validate and contribute to each other’s robustness.

We treat our data as a part of an ecosystem, rather than independent tables or data products, which means that statistical relationships are exploited, bases (populations, etc.) are consistent, and each data source is a valuable contributor to the maintenance of the many. 

See our Data Methodology

A mobile advertising identifier (MAID), is a unique pseudo-anonymous identifier tied to a mobile phone. The identifiers are pseudo-anonymous, because they lack any personally identifiable information.

Using Reports

intelligentVIEW automates the profiling process and outputs a visualized report of what you selected to profile. The reports are customizable based on the data modules you included and the types of tables and charts you choose. 

Absolutely, intelligentVIEW has built-in sharing features and reports are structured to be input into your own reports and presentations. 

We’ve made it simple to action your insights. The system allows you to select and ship audiences to your selected media partners. Learn more 

Media Activation

Typically audiences will appear in your DSP within 24-48 hours. Please contact your CSM representative if you do not see your audience after 2 days.

Yes. We have partnered with to help our customers execute targeted digital media buys on your behalf if you wish. Please contact your CSM for details.

Yes, CiG is a Smartmail Marketing Partner and intelligentVIEW output files are directly compatible with Canada Post Electronic Shipping Tools (EST).

Once you have created your carrier walk output from your report, you will have the option to select Houses, Apartments and/or Farms and to download the EST formatted file to use in your direct ad mail campaigns.

Yes. intelligentVIEW allows you to download the postal codes of your target to filter your customer or direct lists. Additionally, CiG offers premium address lists for general targeting, targeting people intending to move and OBTM. Ask your CSM for details.

Yes! As of October 2022, Facebook is now supported in our automated programmatic ordering. Facebook audiences can be targeted using the same digital IDs deployed to your programmatic partner. Ask us how.

Customizations & White Label

Yes, we work with some of Canada’s top agencies and data providers to offer custom solutions for them and their clients. Talk to our sales teams about how these relationships can be structured. 

No problem. We integrate proprietary data sources and segmentation systems regularly. We can even help you build your own purpose built segments. 

CiG has an inhouse development team who can work with you to define your requirements and spec out a solution to deliver upon them. Custom development can be part of a larger Enterprise package, or we can quote you as a separate add on. 


Yes. We are continually evaluating new data sources, ensuring they meet privacy requirements and will provide value to the marketing community. Contact sales to learn more. 

Yes, we know that partners are a key to success. Contact us to learn about our value-added reseller program.