Canadian Telecoms

intelligentVIEW helps telecommunications companies find new ways to identify both network and customer opportunities across Canada.

Visualize Market Opportunities

In businesses built on physical infrastructure, targeted growth comes when all teams make decision based on the same data an insights.  

intelligentVIEW breaks down the silos by connecting network infrastructure and market and customer data in one insights platform.

Break the silos and map opportunity with intelligentVIEW

Map existing network to visualize under penetrated areas.

Overlay customer data on expansion plans to find look-a-likes.

Connect Rooftop to Digital

Once you’ve identified market opportunity, build accurate identifiable audiences, at scale, and then reach them across all channels. 

100% Canadian household market coverage.

Household (postal codes) and street addresses are one of the most stable and accurate identifiers.

Connected to 30+ million privacy compliant, expressed consent, Mobile Advertising IDs with rooftop level location accuracy.

Visually map where lookalikes are and then push directly to your media vendors.

intelligentVIEW Audience Builder Tools

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Build and target audiences with data from over 29 million automotive transactions.


Build audiences from hundreds of questions collected in the Numeris RTS study.

Your Customer Data

Connect your anonymized customer data to  thousands of weighted research attributes.

Ready to take a closer look?

Spend some time reviewing a sample report on your own, or request a demo to see what intelligentVIEW can do to power your marketing programs.