Insights Reports

IntelligentVIEW’s automated insights provide a deeper understanding of your audiences for effective targeting.

Profile Reports

Robust profile reports visualize your data for a full 360-degree view of your target audiences.

Insights into demographics, lifestyles, consumer behaviours, and key attributes.

Data is visualized into charts, graphs, and tables.

Develop ideal customer profiles, personas, and campaigns.

Planning, media, and creative teams collaborate from a shared target audience. Reports shareable via a link to non-users.

Segment Opportunity Chart

Find market opportunities and your top customers with the segment opportunity chart — powered by intelligentSEGMENTS.

A dynamic report that highlights your market penetration by segment.

Visualize your best performing customer segments to find lookalikes.

Identify new market opportunities and expand customer acquisition.

Insights to improve campaign planning and allocate resources.

Heat Maps

Visualize density and target the neighbourhoods where your audiences live right down to the postal code.

A powerful intelligentVIEW mapping tool to locate top segments built on Google Maps.

Realtime audience counts. Target where your audience lives by province, city, and neighbourhood.

Clusters concentration of audiences by postal code. Zoom in to streetview for details.

Scale programs by identifying lookalikes and new opportunities.

Comparison Reports

Compare and contrast segments in different areas to measure market opportunity across Canada.

View and compare segments, market penetration, and index for every file.

Measure market penetration by intelligentSEGMENTS.

Identify lookalikes and new opportunities.

Compare different markets to guide your planning.

Competitive Insights

An add-on report type for instant access to real-time competitive intelligence and media insights.

Track and monitor national media activity with data from AdSpot.

Includes TV and radio stations, websites, and newspapers across Canada.

Track advertising in different channels, view creative, and measure sales impact.

Enhance your strategy with access to real-time competitive insights.

Final Step: Activate your Insights

Extract audiences from your reports and push them directly to media platforms in intelligentVIEW.

Reach target audiences across social, programmatic, and direct media channels.

100% Canadian household market coverage.

Real-time audience counts and insights to inform media mix.

Connect digital targeting to households for omni-channel campaigns.

Insights from CiG

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