Authentic Diversity and Inclusion

Leverage data and insights to better understand, reflect and connect with all audiences. 

The Canadian consumer population is diverse

Embedding diversity and inclusion in the value structure of a brand is complex. Whether it’s developing representative advertising or developing an advocacy platform, marketers need to understand their audiences. 

intelligentVIEW delivers insight to inform your diversity and inclusion programs.

Profile your existing customers to understand communities.

Ethnic, cultural, language, and community data at postal code level.

intelligentSEGEMENTS provides insight into socioeconomic diversity within ethnicities.

Identify underrepresented communities.

Insights reports connected to mapping features.

Understanding audiences is key

Inclusion is about understanding, quantifying, and optimizing your programs to reflect and reach a diverse range of communities. Insights on audiences to inform:

Persona development.

Creative approach and design.

Messaging, tone, and language.

Media selection.

Insights Reports

Capture the attention and understanding of cross-functional team members and executives by rapidly visualizing audiences:

17+ standard reports types with 100’s of charts and visualizations.

Intuitive, executive-ready presentation output.

Effortlessly share, download, and export reports.

Insights from CiG

Why Geography Matters in a Digital First World:

The intelligentVIEW platform was designed to support marketers in developing high performance campaigns in the digital space with the precision of traditional strategies like direct mail.

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intelligentVIEW Case Study:

A major Canadian home improvement brand utilizes intelligentVIEW to increase sales of paint and door locks by targeting and reaching Toronto pre-mover audiences via Facebook that far exceeded any campaign results. 

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Comparing intelligentVIEW

A chart to show you how CiG is changing the Canadian insights landscape and how intelligentVIEW compares to more traditional Canadian data and insights providers. We’ve combined data, insights, and media activation into one platform.

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