intelligentVIEW Supports
Not-for-Profit Organizations

Bringing innovation to recruiting donors, members, volunteers, and sponsors. 

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Get the clearest view of your donorsprospectssponsorsvolunteersopportunities

Accessible Subscription Model

Our SaaS pricing plans makes access to data and insights affordable for NFP teams.

Enhanced Insights Reports

Clearly visualize and interpret data and generate  shareable insight reports to drive recruitment.

Instant Visualization for
New Opportunities

Geographically map and visualize your recruitment opportunities down to the postal code level.


Build your own donor segmentation. All plans include access to intelligentSEGMENTS. 

Media Activation (Digital, Direct, & Social Channels)

Build and push audiences, at scale, directly to your media partners. Connect your direct mail campaigns to digital.

Training & Support

Our personalized onboarding and training programs are designed to support the success of all not-for-profit organizations.

Maximize your Marketing Budget

Use data and insights to drive new recruitment programs.

Profile existing donors to identify look-alikes.

Access 17+ built-in data modules to deeply understand donors, volunteers and sponsor customers.

Extend the value of your events by identifying attendees through geo-fencing and Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) and then remarket to them.

Effectively reach audiences through direct mail and digital.

IntelligentVIEW provides 100% Canadian household market coverage.

Efficiently model and test new programs to younger demographics.

Data Ecosystem

Standard with all intelligentVIEW plans are 30,000+ data attributes derived from Canada’s top authoritative privacy-compliant databases.

Access the latest data through our Snowflake data lake without paying for storage.

Our team of implementation experts can also work closely with you to assess and deliver on your custom data requirements.

Ready to take a closer look?

Spend some time reviewing a sample report on your own, or request a demo to see what intelligentVIEW can do to power your marketing programs.