Fully automated end-to-end consumer and marketing insights platform with media activation.
All packages include data, segmentation system, automated profiling and built-in insights reports.  

One platform that puts data
into action

Harness the power of a single, connected marketing technology solution that builds, profiles, and activates audiences.

Data as a Service

No more costly data licenses and processing; it’s time to transform how you buy and access data. intelligentVIEW’s self-validating data ecosystem provides access to quarterly updated data. All data, all the time.

20,000+ data attributes aggregated or projected to the postal code level.

Core data and segmentation updated quarterly.

Anonymized and privacy compliant.

Canada's largest addressable audience.

Connect your first-party data and use custom, built-in data sources.


Free-up your team’s time and resources with intelligentVIEW’s built-in customizable segmentation system:

Automated system featuring 94 built-in, fully described, actionable segments.

Two Tier K, means clustering for statically built segments.

Segments linked to geography for media activation.

Customize by adding your first-party data.

Building & Profiling Audiences

Test scenarios, uncover new markets, and build custom segments… all within seconds. Visualize your opportunity with built-in insights reports.

Built-in standardized and automated analytics workflow to profile customers, prospects, audiences and markets across Canada.

Thousands of data attributes projected independent of segmentation; distinguishable, actionable segments to mitigate against flat profiling.

17+ standard report types with hundreds of charts and visualizations.

Profiling add-ons available: Audience Builders, Mapping Tools, Audience Comparison Tool.

Media Activation

A first of its kind platform to link data, target audiences and media into one ecosystem. Reach the same addressable audience across multiple channels by using postal codes as a common identifier.   

Push audiences to your preferred media vendors - Programmatic, Facebook API, Canada Post Carrier Walk File export tool, etc.

100% Canadian market coverage.

Digital and direct media are connected using common identifiers.

Mapping tools to visualize audiences, identify lookalikes, and push to media vendors.

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