NEW intelligentVIEW

Fully automated end-to-end consumer and marketing insights platform.
All packages include data, segmentation system, automated profiling and built-in insights reports.  

One platform that puts data into action

Harness the power of a single, connected marketing technology solution that can streamline your complete market analyses process.

Data on Demand

Don’t hamper your team with costly, disconnected data sets that provide stale consumer insights. 

20,000+ data attributes aggregated or projected to the postal code level

Privacy compliant, anonymized, accessible and analyzable

Connect partner and custom data sources


Free-up your team’s time and resources with intelligentVIEW’s built-in segmentation system:

Automated system featuring 94 built-in, fully described, actionable segments

Two Tier K Means Clustering for statically built segments

Update your segmentation with 3rd party data on demand

Automated Profiling

Test scenarios, uncover new markets, and build custom segments… all within seconds:

Built-in standardized and automated analytics workflow to profile customers, prospects, audiences and markets

Thousands of data attributes projected independent of segmentation; distinguishable, actionable segments mitigate against flat profiling

Profiling add-ons available: Audience Builders, Mapping Tools, Audience Comparison Tool

Insights Reports

Capture the attention and understanding of cross-functional team members and executives by rapidly visualizing market opportunity with customizable insights reports:

17+ standard reports types with 100’s of charts and visualizations

Intuitive, executive-ready presentation output

Effortlessly share, download, and export reports

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