Automated audience insights and media activation platform.
All packages include data, segmentation system, automated profiling and built-in insights reports.  

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Get the clearest view of your marketingprospectstargetingmediacustomers

Consumer & Market Profiling

Identify, understand, and discover how to efficiently reach your target audience in minutes.


94 consumer segments developed using top Canadian demographic, psychographic and behavioural data sources. 

Media Activation (Digital & Direct)

Build and push audiences, at scale, directly to your media partners. Place programmatic orders with your DSP from intelligentVIEW.

Privacy Compliant Data Ecosystem

CiG’s unique, privacy compliant, data ecosystem covers 100% of Canadian households.

Real-time Competitive Ad Monitoring

Track competitive advertising and media spend from one platform.  

Audience & Trade Area Mapping

Map and visualize your customer, prospect, and market data down to the postal code level.

100% Canadian Home Coverage

Looking to accurately reach customers through direct mail and digital? Want to profile prospects in new markets to find lookalikes? 

Read how intelligentVIEW has the solutions to support your marketing goals.

Data as a Service

No more costly data licenses and processing; it’s time to transform how you buy and access data with intelligentVIEW’s self-validating data ecosystem. 

30,000+ data attributes aggregated or projected to the postal code level.

Core data and segmentation updated quarterly.

Anonymized and privacy compliant.

Canada's largest addressable audience.

Connect your first-party data.

intelligentVIEW Audience Builder Tools

NEW Feature

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Introducing CiG’s newest audience builder tool with data on over 29 million auto transactions.

NEW Feature


Build audiences from hundreds of questions collected in the Numeris RTS study.

NEW Feature

Your Customer Data

Connect your anonymized customer data to tens of thousands of weighted research attributes .

A Plan for Your Team

IntelligentVIEW drives results for marketing teams of all sizes. 

Get up and running quickly with dedicated onboarding, training, and support.

Custom solutions, from customizable insights reports to data integrations and more.

Our transparent and flexible plans support your success.

Understand your Audiences

Test scenarios, uncover new markets, and visualize your opportunity in seconds. 

Built-in standardized and automated analytics workflow to profile customers, prospects, audiences and markets across Canada.

Thousands of data attributes projected independent of segmentation; distinguishable, actionable segments to mitigate against flat profiling.

17+ standard report types with hundreds of charts and visualizations.

Building and profiling tools enable you to understand target audiences across multiple attributes for enhanced targeting and messaging.

Ready to take a closer look?

Spend some time reviewing a sample report on your own, or request a demo to see what intelligentVIEW can do to power your marketing programs.