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Financial Services Scale Trigger Based Marketing

There is a growing trend in banking that indicates that consumers are now more likely to consider switching. Identifying and reaching Canadian consumers in that moment of consideration represents great opportunity for Canada’s banks. 

Winning in the Canadian Telecom Industry

Traditionally, major Canadian telco’s have been departmentally siloed when it comes to growth strategy. Here are three ways intelligentVIEW can visually map data to identify growth opportunity for Canadian telcos.

Insights to Keep Your Marketing Strategy on Track

There is incredible opportunity in the lucrative wellness industry, but how can one reach target audiences effectively with precision? Learn how intelligentVIEW helps marketers retain their existing customers and engage with new prospects, while fending off the competition.

Shopper Data is Driving Profits for Retailers

Many retailers are sitting on a gold mine of first-party data that has been collected via billions of transactions. How can retailers in monetizing their data? IntelligentVIEW’s vast capabilities allow retailers to tap into the revenue potential of their shopper data to drive profits.

Win the Battle Against Lead List Fatigue

Not-for-profit marketing is all about recruitment, be it for donors, sponsors, or volunteers. Learn how intelligentVIEW helps not-for-profits maximize their marketing efficiencies and new recruitment programs.

Why Geography Matters in a Digital First World

For many businesses, geographic accuracy is important to reduce spillage of digital ad spend against audiences outside of their serviceable area. The intelligentVIEW platform was designed with this challenge in mind: how can we support marketers in developing high performance campaigns in the digital space with the precision of traditional strategies like direct mail?

Comparing intelligentVIEW

We’ve put together a chart to show you how CiG is changing the Canadian insights landscape and how intelligentVIEW compares to more traditional Canadian data and insights providers. 

Segmentation Solutions

How a flexible segmentation system can help marketers better understand the audiences that they want to target. Take a closer look at how marketers can now identify, target, and purchase audiences directly versus buying media channels to reach them.

Data Marketplaces

Top 10 Reasons for marketers to explore cloud based data marketplaces in 2022. Data marketplaces are growing at a tremendous pace in Canada, find out how these platforms offer significant opportunity for Canadian marketers. 

Case Study: 600% CTR Increase & 28% Landing Page Conversion

A major Canadian home improvement brand utilizes CiG’s marketing and consumer insights platform intelligentVIEW to increase sales of paint and door locks by targeting and reaching Toronto pre-mover audiences via Facebook. Learn more about how the initial test campaign using intelligentVIEW data and integration with programmatic far exceeded any previous Facebook campaign results.