Hyperlocal Targeting

Accurately locate your target at home and on the go across multiple media channels. 

Enhance your geofencing

Delivering a targeted ad while shopping or visiting a location is a moment in time advertising targeting tactic. 

intelligentVIEW takes geo targeting to the next level:

Identify an audience, using a geo-fence, at one of your sponsored events, your retail locations or competitor's stores.

Profile that audience and find them at home.

Connect devices from your geo-fence to their home location.

Retarget visitors with segmented offers.

Profile your visitors to build market opportunity in new locations.

Target visitors with through digital, OOH, broadcast and DM.

Profile your competitor's customer.

Illustration of a shopper. Shopper data is driving profits for retailers with intelligentVIEW

Location based targeting fully managed from one platform

Deliver more personalized engagement for audiences at home, on the go, or at work. One platform built for marketers.

Connect their home address and postal code to a Mobile Advertising ID.

Build out target audiences in your service areas and avoid spillage.

Confidently connect digital and direct marketing programs.

Push those audiences to your preferred media vendors.

Retarget based on activity and engagement, from increased store volume to online purchases.

Build custom reporting to integrate your data and KPIs.

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