Media Activation

Activate your insights. Build, size, select, and push your target audience to your preferred media vendor with intelligentVIEW’s media activation.

Connect digital campaigns to
direct mail

intelligentVIEW closes the loop between digital and households by connecting postal codes with privacy compliant Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs).

Deliver unmatched, privacy compliant, precision in your media buying and omni-channel programs.

30+ million privacy compliant, expressed consent MAIDs connected to households.

Prioritize media buying based on available digital audiences.

100% Canadian household market coverage.

Truly integrate your media campaigns.

Media activation with geographic precision in three steps.

Our Audience Builders:


1. Build a target audience based on:

Your customer or market data

Built-in Audience Builder tools


Target markets or trade areas

2. Get instant available, multi-channel, media counts:

Identify and know exactly how and where to reach your target audience.

Digital Media Counts

Link digital mobile marketing ID’s to postal codes.

Mobile ID’s are permission-based and privacy compliant.

Continuous fraud detection to ensure clean audiences opportunities.

Carrier Walk Counts:

Shows the number of postal codes and carrier walks.

Link digital mobile marketing ID’s to postal codes.

Filter apartments, houses, and farms as well as adjust total points of call.

Channel Counts:

Define target audience size with Numeris Audience Builder.

Media consumption preferences across TV, radio, streaming, social, and print media.

Pinpoint and engage target audiences across various channels.

3. Select and push your audience to media vendors.

Facebook API to push audiences directly to your ad account.

Canada Post Carrier Walk export tool.

intelligentVIEW, powered by, directly populates your DSP with your target audiences.

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