Go beyond 'gut feel'.

Make more strategic, insights-backed marketing decisions that boost program and campaign performance. 

Modernize your marketing while maximizing available budgets.

Develop data driven strategies in real-time to respond to current business climate.

Real-time mobile ID targeting.

Privacy compliant solution. We'll work with your legal and compliance teams to ensure adherence to all data policies.

Marketing Teams

Automate Insights to Increase ROI

Master your markets and media effectiveness with a 360 degree view of your customers and prospects.

Flexible pricing

Demographic and Segmentation Modules included in all packages

Integrated Canada Post Carrier Walk module (updated monthly)

Digital Activation

Competitive Tracking and Monitoring available with {AdSpot}


Offer Insights

Clients and prospects demand insights driven decision making from their agency partners. CiG partners with agencies to establish and enhance inhouse insights capabilities.

We offer white label, customizable options to our agency partners.

Let’s chat about how to embed insights into your pitches and deliver data to your clients.

Enterprise Teams

Build an Insights Culture

One easy to use platform that can be customized with data inputs, report types and audience builders to deliver on the unique needs of sales, marketing, product development, risk management and executive teams.

Break down the silos in your enterprise through shared insights.

Turnkey access - No approvals, no waiting

Integrate your Brand into reports

Dedicated customer support team

Cloud-based solution. No IT involvement

Custom reports and data modules


Deliver critical insights faster more consistently to your stakeholders. Access the data to dig deeper.

Fast, consistent insights reporting

Integrate proprietary data sources

Flexible tools to tailor analysis

Access the data for a deeper dive

Data Partners

Integrate Your Data

We are continually building new data modules to help companies monetize their data assets. Talk to us today on white label solutions and data integration opportunities.

Ready to take a closer look?

Spend some time reviewing a sample report on your own, or request a demo to see what intelligentVIEW can do to power your marketing programs.