Marketer's competitive edge

intelligentVIEW’s Audience Builder tools and automated profiling allows you to find and map look-a-likes, profile new audiences, and identify opportunities to scale your marketing programs.  

Benefits of automating your profiling processes

Have a new product you’re looking to bring to market and want to analyse an affinity segment? 

Want to test revenue potential of expansion into a new market?

Test and iterate new scenarios

Uncover new markets

Decrease cost and increase ROI

Build custom segments and audiences

Compare multiple audiences, side-by-side

See your audiences more clearly with advanced mapping functionality

Built into intelligentVIEW’s automated profiling workflow is versatile mapping functionality.

Market and Trade Area analysis

Expansion, visualizing sales performance, evaluating retail sites and OOH locations.

Heat Mapping

Built on Google Maps Satellite and Streetview. Visualize density and explore the neighborhoods where your audiences live by segment.

Spatial Analysis

Analyse selected geographies at the FSA, postal-code, and trade areas. Need a custom layer added? Our team is happy to help.

intelligentVIEW Audience Builder Tools

Select and build audiences from your data and then enhance using Audience Builder tools connected to media activation. 

NEW Feature

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Introducing CiG’s newest audience builder tool with data on over 29 million auto transactions.

NEW Feature


Build audiences from hundreds of questions collected in the Numeris RTS study.

NEW Feature

Your Customer Data

Connect your anonymized customer data to tens of thousands of weighted research attributes .

Smarter marketing in minutes

Automated analyses workflow, connected to thousands of data attributes, allows you to rapidly profile:






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