Audience Builder Tools

Enhance your targeting with intelligentVIEW’s Audience Builder tools to find new opportunities and build your ideal addressable audiences. 

Numeris Audience Builder

An intelligentVIEW feature developed in partnership with Numeris.

Build audiences from the latest consumer data based on hundreds of questions collected in the Numeris RTS study.

Define and refine target audiences by markets, regions, and various survey question categories.

A new intelligentVIEW audience builder tool for marketers to build, profile, and target audiences by using real Canadian vehicle sales data from Dealertrack.

Dealertrack Audience Builder

An intelligentVIEW add-on feature developed in partnership with Dealertrack Canada.

Real vehicle sales data from over 29 million Canadian auto transactions, updated monthly.

Build and target audiences from vehicle info, customer demographics, transaction types, and more.

FSA Maps

An intelligentVIEW mapping tool to create market files of consumers that live in targeted FSA locations.

Analyze markets and selected geographies at the FSA, postal-code, and trade area level.

Build a list of FSAs from your customer data to target audiences or create a benchmark territory.

Map Radius

An intelligentVIEW mapping tool that provides data about the entire population in a specific location.

Target all households within a circle and distance around a single postal code.

Size and scale to target audiences in specific cities and neighbourhoods.

Your Custom
Audience Builder

Need your own custom audience builder? We’ve got you covered.

We recognize businesses have unique insights requirements, from data integration to mapping tools. Talk to our sales team and we’ll find the best custom solution for you.

Our team of implementation experts can also work closely with you to assess and deliver on your custom data requirements.

Next Step: Visualize Data with Insights Reports

Automated audience insights to refine targeting and guide your strategy.

Generate robust profile reports in intelligentVIEW across key attributes.

Identify audiences with the NEW segment opportunity chart.

Measure market opportunity across Canada with comparison reports.

Use heat maps to target audiences by market and neighbourhood.

Insights from CiG

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