Lead Generation and Acquisition at Scale

Connect data, insights, and media activation in one platform to deliver targeted omni-channel acquisition programs.

Drive media efficiency and ROI with
ground-breaking audience-focused programs and campaigns

Build & Profile Audiences

Multiple audience builder tools, including Numeris.

Segment and profile existing customers to identify look-a-likes.

Visualize and size campaign opportunity.

Augment your data to build out differentiated personas with thousands of attributes.

Define & Identify Targets

Postal code as the unique identifier to connect digital, terrestrial, and customer data.

100% Canadian household market coverage.

30 million privacy compliant, expressed consent, Mobile Advertising IDs connected to Canadian households.

Anonymized and privacy compliant.

Audience Based Media Activation

Push the same audiences to all of your media partners - DSPs, Facebook (Meta) Ad Manager, DOOH, DTV, Canada Post, etc.

Premium intent data modules, including pre-mover, for accurate trigger-based marketing.

One platform connects audience insights, building and media buying.

Our Clients

Data Ecosystem

Standard with all intelligentVIEW plans are 30,000+ data attributes derived from Canada’s top authoritative privacy-compliant databases.

Access the latest data through our Snowflake data lake without paying for storage.

Our team of implementation experts can also work closely with you to assess and deliver on your custom data requirements.

Ready to take a closer look?

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