A new intelligentVIEW audience builder tool for marketers to build, profile, and target audiences by using real Canadian vehicle sales data from Dealertrack.
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CiG Launches Latest Audience Builder Tool with Dealertrack Data

Enhance your marketing with intelligentVIEW’s latest powerful feature.

A new intelligentVIEW audience builder tool for marketers to build, profile, and target audiences by using real vehicle sales data.

Introducing the Dealertrack Audience Builder, a powerful and efficient audience creation tool, powered by privacy compliant, anonymized data from over 29 million Canadian automotive sales transactions. 

Monthly updates of 300,000 to 500,000 transactions ensures the data are always accurate and up to date. With intelligentVIEW’s built in media activation, subscribers can push these audiences directly to their preferred digital or offline media channel.

The Dealertrack Audience Builder in intelligentVIEW includes:

  • Access to key information about vehicles (makes, models, edition year)
  • Sale date
  • Transaction types (purchased, lease, finance)
  • Customer demographics
  • Dealership information
  • Lease expiration
  • And much more to improve campaign efficacy.

Better Insights Improve Media Efficiency for Increased ROI

The automotive industry is one of the top media purchasers in Canada. This year marks a sharp rebound as the ad market returns to pre-pandemic levels of spending with the automotive industry forecasted to experience ad spend growth at 7.6% in 2022 with a greater focus on digital ads.

If you are an automotive industry marketer or the purchase of a vehicle is a key trigger for you, the Dealertrack Audience Builder data can provide you a competitive advantage to improve your targeting, refine your creative, and increase the precision of your media buying.

For marketers in other sectors, leverage first party and third-party data with the Dealertrack Audience Builder to reveal new affinity market opportunities. These valuable insights in combination with intelligentVIEW’s media activation tools, empower marketers to reach target audiences with precision across multiple media channels.

A new intelligentVIEW audience builder tool for marketers to build, profile, and target audiences by using real Canadian vehicle sales data.

4 Ways the Dealertrack Audience Builder Can Impact Your Campaigns:

1. Trigger Based Programs

Buying a vehicle, whether it is your first car or switching to a new vehicle brand, is an important life event for anyone. Finding the right vehicle, getting car insurance, or even taking a loan are significant purchasing decisions that present new opportunities for marketers in multiple industries.

The Dealertrack Audience Builder can enhance trigger-based programs by providing details about previous automotive transactions to see when lease deals expire, view consumer behaviours, and other major lifestyle triggers that reveal moments of opportunity.

2. Profile Your Customers

Who are your customers? Whether they are in North York, Trois-Rivières, or Burnaby, understanding your customers’ key traits can help tailor your messaging to increase engagement and retain existing clients. IntelligentVIEW’s advanced profiling and segmentation tools provide important insights into your target audience’s demographics, socioeconomics, behaviours, lifestyles and more.

The automotive audience builder takes this consumer profiling even further by providing information on car dealerships’ sales and their customers’ characteristics.

3. Target Look-alikes

Trying to find a target audience in New Brunswick that is similar to your current customers in Saskatchewan? No problem! Leverage insights from intelligentVIEW and the Dealertrack Audience Builder to help find and target look-alike audiences based on your customer data. See which vehicles are owned in a specific area, audience demographics, compare different benchmarks, and target new prospects by selecting their customer segments directly from intelligentVIEW.

Connect your insights to media and target look-alike audiences with precision through direct and digital channels.

4. Competitive Insights

Inform your marketing strategy with insights into the competition. The Dealertrack Audience Builder enables marketers to gain insights into customers and different vehicle brands. Use competitive analysis to see which customer segments have purchased cars from different companies across Canada. Easily profile and target audiences in Ontario who own Dodge mini-vans or prospects in British Columbia who drive GM’s electric vehicles.

Use competitive insights to drive switch programs by targeting prospects with similar product options.

How to Buy:

The Dealertrack Audience Builder is an add-on feature to our monthly intelligentVIEW subscription.

Click here to see which intelligentVIEW subscription plans best suit your organization.

If you are already a client with intelligentVIEW, contact us directly to add this new feature to your current subscription.

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