Privacy & Compliance

CiG is committed to sourcing and using data in compliance with Canadian privacy legislation. 

Working with your legal and compliance teams

We know that when it comes to data, your legal and compliance teams need to mitigate risk and ensure adherence to all data policies. 

We also understand that some organizations take extra precautionary steps beyond legislated requirements. In such cases, we work to ensure data are delivered and received in alignment with your additional requirements.

Worth noting:

All data in intelligentVIEW is anonymized and privacy compliant.

We compile and maintain documentation for all of our data sources.

We ensure our partners adhere to Canadian privacy legislation.

How is our data methodology different?

It starts with a unique approach that pools CiG’s data sources into an ecosystem rather than independent tables or data products.

Sources are used to cross-validate and contribute to each other's robustness.

The statistical relationships between sources are exploited, bases (populations, etc.) are consistent.

Each data source is a valuable contributor to the maintenance of the many.

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