Insights for Premium
Shelf Space

intelligentVIEW empowers Canadian CPGs to make the most of their marketing budgets to deliver real results.

Get Closer to Consumers
with Data and Insights

Looking to learn more about your target consumers and find the best retail banners and store locations for your products? IntelligentVIEW enables you to do just that, and more.

Build a Clear Profile
of Your Target Audiences

intelligentVIEW’s automated profile and comparison reports:

30,000+, privacy compliant, data attributes at your fingertips.

17+ insights report modules to share with your internal teams and agencies.

Insights to develop ideal customer personas to drive creative and promotions.

Real-time competitor advertising activity.

Find Lookalikes in New Markets

intelligentVIEW’s dynamic features make it easy to identify and visualize real market opportunities.

Use geo-fencing to understand audiences around top retailers and store locations.

Identify lookalike audiences to support expansion into new locations.

Use heat maps to size market opportunities.

Numeris Audience Builder tool.

Refine Targeting with intelligentSEGMENTS

Understand your ideal consumers to strengthen your insights and build the business case for your brand.

Features 94 actionable segments based on socio-economics, demographics, education, shopping habits, lifestyle data and more.

See what drives consumer choices to create relevant campaigns with targeted messages.

Easily view the diversity of your consumer segments.

Segment your own customers or new prospects.

All segments are linked to geography for precision and media activation.

Ready to take a closer look?

Spend some time reviewing a sample report on your own, or request a demo to see what intelligentVIEW can do to power your marketing programs.