Consumer Intelligence Group Privacy Policy

Consumer Intelligence Group Inc. has developed its privacy policy to reflect our commitment to the importance of protecting of personal information. Our privacy principles are based on the principles set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

CiG works with a number of 3rd party data providers that provide, through contract, anonymized data to support business and marketing decisions within the intelligentVIEW environment. This includes the latest census data, survey data, location data and other data sources that are all anonymized so that we do not receive any personally identifiable information. All data used by CiG are subject to those data providers’ privacy policies and legal terms.

CiG ensures that all data that it handles through its regular business practises including data utilized and maintained within its intelligentVIEW platform or through licensing data directly for business analysis and marketing purposes meet our policies in terms of:

Obtaining Consent – CiG makes all efforts possible to ensure that data transferred to and from CiG or developed by CiG has obtained consent where required to use the data for the intended purpose.

Limiting the Collection of Personal Information – CiG makes all reasonable effort to ensure that owners of data used by CiG within its normal course of business limit the collection of personally identifiable information for the intended use of the data.

Limiting the storage of data for periods not exceeding the intended purpose of the data – CiG works with each of its clients to understand the overall requirements associated with the inclusion of personal information and builds into our programs the retirement of data that no longer is valid in terms of the original intended use of the data.

Limiting access of the data for the intended purpose only – CiG utilizes strict criteria surrounding access to data to ensure that both physical and technical access to the data is limited to staff members assigned for the implementation of the intended purpose of the data.

CiG also ensures to the best of its ability to safeguard the information through technological best practises for the unwarranted or malicious attempts to access the data.

When working with client data, CiG maintains technical, physical, and administrative security measures designed to provide protection for data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration.

CiG – Mobile Device Marketing - IDFA Privacy and Compliance Statement

Our Privacy Policy governs our collection, sharing, and use of non-personally identifiable information through mobile applications using our product.

The mobile location data is collected from our partners and from customers through secure transfer protocols. By actively opting-in to share data with the mobile apps in our network, mobile users are consenting that we can process their data to enable and improve our marketing and advertising services.

Our publishers send it to us directly via a secured server-to-service transfer. This enables us to receive the information described below, consistent with the authorizations that they have provided, concerning the mobile device and/or the use of the mobile application. These are compliant with the current and upcoming changes to our Canadian privacy regulations.

Precise Location Data  By opting in to share location data, this allows our partners to collect information regarding location or the location of the device, by using GPS coordinates provided by the mobile device. Some of our publishers may also enable the collection of background location data when the app is not in use, which enables us to also receive this location data. Most GPS-enabled mobile devices can identify a user’s location to within less than 15m.  For some devices that share location, we are able to infer a home or work location based upon frequent usage patterns. We also build audiences for clients based on these locations and we comply with the standards of the Canadian government via Statistics Canada for minimum audience size. We store location data and other derived works that are passed through to our customers, service providers and partners.

Automatically Collected Information  When you opt-in to data sharing while using any of our publishers’ products by agreeing to share location with a publishers’ app, our web server automatically collects limited information about your device. We log information including the mobile advertising ID (IDFA / AdID), IP address, SSID/BSSID, the type of mobile device you use, the IP address of your mobile device, and your mobile operating system.

Canadian Data Collection – We store and process information collected from our data feeds in Canada. For all data we collect, users have explicitly consented to its collection and transfer to us. We have opt-out features for the mobile users, and we also have the ability to audit our publishers so if that user wishes to understand how we and why we are using their data, we can point to the application and give the date of consent.

Being Accountable  CiG is accountable to the public for our data practises and principles for information that is handled by CiG. Our privacy officer is Kevin Klein, Partner, Operations and Client Success and can be reached through the following coordinates:

Kevin Klein
Partner, Operations and Client Success
(416) 569-8404

Changes to Our Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. An effective date is referenced at the end of this policy. This privacy policy and the policies outlined herein are not intended to, nor do they create any contractual or legal rights in or on behalf of any person or entity.

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