A thumbnail highlighting how a company uses the intelligentVIEW audience insights platform to deliver more effective campaigns with a 600% CTR increase and 28% landing page conversion.
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Facebook Campaign Case Study: 600% CTR Increase for Ad Campaign

Facebook Campaign Results:
600% CTR Increase & 28% Landing Page Conversion

To deliver an effective Facebook campaign, a major Canadian home improvement brand utilizes CiG’s marketing and audience insights platform intelligentVIEW to increase sales of paint and door locks by targeting and reaching Toronto pre-mover audiences. Based on this success, the Canadian brand continued to run well-performing Facebook campaigns throughout 2022.


The time between when a home is listed, when it is sold, and a period after the sale, presents an invaluable opportunity or trigger event for marketers trying to reach consumers who are ‘in the market’ for related products and services. This includes aesthetic and security upgrades. 

While the client had done numerous campaigns targeting moving and movers, success was limited, and overall digital campaign effectiveness was dropping. The client was looking to improve their digital campaign targeting and overall effectiveness. 

Enhance Facebook Campaign with intelligentVIEW

From there, they partner with CiG and integrate intelligentVIEW into their media planning and buying. The initial test campaign using intelligentVIEW data and integration with programmatic far exceeded any previous Facebook campaign results.  

Here’s a quick overview of the Facebook campaign.

Step 1: Identifying Pre-Movers 

Use CiG’s pre-mover data to identify homes that are on the market, listed or were sold in the last 30 days. 

Step 2: Profiling Pre-Movers

IntelligentVIEW’s built-in profiling capabilities used to gain insights into the target audience to inform the messaging and creative strategies. 

intelligentSEGMENTS, is CiG’s new proprietary segmentation system with 94 distinct consumer segments (socio-economic, demographic, lifestyle data etc).  Learn more about intelligentSEGMENTS 

Step 3: Targeting 

Next, they extract the pre-mover postal code information. 

CiG then matches geo-coded address locations to rooftop level digital IDs and loads the matching digital IDs within a 15 meter radius of pre-mover addresses into a Facebook Ad Manager event. 

92% match rate of digital IDs against Facebook members who are within 15 meters geographically of the listed properties. 

Step 4: Media Buying

Finally, the client uses Facebook Ad Manager to place their media buys against the event audience with Ads targeted to them. 

Future programs will include intelligentVIEW’s direct to programmatic buying platform integration (ie. DV360, The Trade Desk etc). 

Learn more about intelligentVIEW’s Media Activation Tools

Results: A More Successful Facebook Campaign

With a geographically precise (roof top) digital audience of almost 30 million and a 90+ per cent match rate against Facebook members and CiG digital IDs database, our highly accurate social media targeting has national scale and exceptional effectiveness.

Next up: Client plans to expand campaign nationally as a result of this success. 

Facebook is a key part of the media strategy for Canadian marketers and we’ve taken more steps to further integrate intelligentVIEW with Facebook. In 2022, CiG launched the Facebook API Integration to improve targeting and drive more campaign success in 2023 and beyond.

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A thumbnail highlighting how a company uses the intelligentVIEW audience insights platform to deliver more effective campaigns with a 600% CTR increase and 28% landing page conversion.

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