Canada’s leading audience insights & media activation platform.

One platform. One data ecosystem. 100% of Canadian households.

Build Your Audiences

Access our data ecosystem of up-to date, privacy-compliant, affordable Canadian data to build your maximum addressable audience.

Audience Builder tools (Numeris, Dealertrack, and more).

Find lookalikes, geo-fence based on trade areas and retail locations.

30,000+ data attributes from Canada's premier data sources updated quarterly.

Connect your first-party data.

Understand Those Audiences

Automated audience insights to refine targeting and increase relevance of content, creative, offers, and media mix.

Profile, compare, map, and segment.

intelligentVIEW AdSpot competitor insights.

Develop lifestyle trigger programs.

Planning, Media, and Creative teams work from common, shared, audiences.

Target & Activate Audiences

Reach your exact target audiences across disconnected media channels to drive better engagement and ROI.

Social, Programmatic, and Direct.

Real-time audience counts.

Insights to inform media mix.

Connect digital to household.

Our Clients

Industries We Work With


Generate data-driven profits.

Financial Services

Reach trigger-based audiences.


Insights to retain and recruit donors.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Insights for premium shelf space.


Visualize new opportunities.

Health & Wellness

Understand and reach your prospects.

intelligentVIEW vs. The Competition

It’s time for innovation that drives results. Learn how intelligentVIEW compares to other insights platforms across data, core features, and more.

Gain actionable audience insights with our data ecosystem.

Export audiences to direct and digital media platforms.

Monthly all-in-one subscription for all the data and insights you need.


Gain insights into Canadians’ consumer behaviours and demographics with intelligentVIEW’s built-in segmentation system.

Features 94 built-in, fully described, actionable segments.

Segment your customers and find lookalikes.

All segments are linked to geography for media activation.

Ready to take a closer look?

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