Build an accurate story of your prospects and customers.

intelligentVIEW plans include intelligentSEGMENTS

NEW actionable segmentation system that clusters Canadians into 94 segments based on socio-economics, wealth, ethnicity, education, behaviours, expenditures, and lifestyle data.

Are your customers changing or evolving? Our versatile segmentation system gives you the advantage of precision targeting:

Quarterly updates (compared to an industry average of 12 to 18 months)

Segment your customers and build out your own personas

Activate digital and direct audiences with data from over 16 million Canadian households

Align online and offline segmentation data with confidence and rapidly measure the results

See the Top Canadian Segments

As Canada’s population continues to grow and change, segmentation helps us understand Canadians across multiple dimensions.

Learn the top intelligentSEGMENTS for each province and territory.

Get to know their core attributes, from demographics to consumer behaviours.

See how these insights pave the way for better targeting and results.

Some of Our intelligentSEGMENTS

Understand Canadians with Insights Reports

Automated audience insights to refine targeting and guide your strategy.

Generate robust profile reports in intelligentVIEW across key attributes.

Identify audiences with the NEW segment opportunity chart.

Measure market opportunity across Canada with comparison reports.

Use heat maps to target audiences by market and neighbourhood.

Insights from CiG

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