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Canada's Leading Data Ecosystem

One platform with 30,000+ variables connected in our one-of-a-kind data ecosystem. Our pre-built modules reflect data from Numeris, Statistics Canada, and the national census with new projections every quarter.

  • 100% Canadian Household Reach

    Accurately target 40 million Canadians across more than 16 million households with precision.

  • Within your Budget

    Transparent, flexible, monthly pricing plans for all organizations.

  • Multiple Updates a Year

    Complete access to the latest Canadian consumer and market data.

  • Connected to Media Platforms

    Push audiences directly to digital and direct media partners.

  • Privacy-compliant and Future Proofed

    100% Anonymized data from Canada’s leading and trusted data sources.

Built-In Data Modules

Select from our pre-built data modules to build your custom insights reports. Have your own data? No problem, connect your data to pre-built reports, or we can work with you to develop custom modules.


Investment behaviours, preferred financial institutions, savings, insurance, and more.


Census data on family structure, education, income, cultural diversity, and more attributes.


Details about driving preferences, types of cars driven, auto insurance, and purchasing behaviours.

Shopping Habits

Consumer data on shopping behaviours and where people spend their money at large retailers.

Media Broadcast

Popular media engagement across streaming services, television, radio, and social media channels.

Household Spending

Granular details on average household spending from groceries, clothing, health, and personal care.

Recreation & Lifestyles

Major life events, activities, hobbies, concerts, sports attendance and more from 3,000 attributes.


Travel preferences such as popular vacation types, top destinations, and preferred accommodations


Popular restaurant franchises, coffee shops, fast food brands, and more on where consumers eat.


Consumption of soft drinks, beer, alcoholic brands, and other beverage types. 


Preferred mobile carriers, home internet providers, and consumer wireless spending habits.

Media Print

Readership behaviours from preferred news and magazine publications across Canada.

Digital Persona

Digital consumption patterns based on internet and website engagement to understand audiences.

Energy Opinions

Survey data on green energy opinions and consumption, such as environmentally friendly products.

Data Methodology

Read our Data Methodology to learn how CiG's unique data approach drives actionable insights.

Access The Latest Data

Our methodology delivers valuable data for targeting and understanding Canadian audiences, more frequently and with greater accuracy.

Total Canadian Population*
Year over Year Population Change
80 +
Q1 2023 Q2 2023 Q3 2023 Q4 2023 Q1 2024

*Data projections as of January 2024


IntelligentVIEW’s powerful and frequently updated built-in segmentation system.

Clusters Canadians into 94 actionable segments for precision targeting.

Segment your customers and find lookalikes.

Understand what drives consumer choices to tailor your messaging.

Discover real market opportunity with the NEW segment opportunity chart.

Premium Data Modules

Explore our premium data to target specific audiences.

  • National address level real-estate listings.
  • 100 % privacy compliant data, and updated bi-weekly.
  • Enhance trigger-based programs by targeting pre-mover audiences.

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  • Consumer database on internet service providers and mobile carriers.
  • Build and target audiences at home or via mobile device location.
  • Visualize market opportunities across Canada based on network coverage.
  • Develop highly targeted campaigns to specific wireless consumers.
  • Billions of mobile movement points covering 40 million devices.
  • Target and reach audiences visiting your competitors’ locations.
  • Retarget visitors of your stores.
  • Understand your customers core attributes and where they live.

intelligentVIEW Add-Ons

Enhance your data and insights with intelligentVEW’s add-on features.

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Next Step: Visualize Data with Insights Reports

Automated audience insights to refine targeting and guide your strategy.

Generate robust profile reports in intelligentVIEW across key attributes.

Identify audiences with the NEW segment opportunity chart.

Measure market opportunity across Canada with comparison reports.

Use heat maps to target audiences by market and neighbourhood.

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