Effortlessly find, buy, connect, and use the right data.

No matter the current business climate, marketing priorities remain the same. You need to be able to access, connect and visualize disparate data assets to drive more innovative and targeted consumer programs.

Increase the value of the data that powers your programs

IntelligentVIEW helps you solve the top  challenges cited by today’s leading data driven marketers:

Break free of outdated, costly licensing models.

Automate resource intensive data integration processes.

Access timely data how and when you want.

Automate manual marketing processes that constrain planning and innovation.

Save time and money with built-in data modules

All plans come standard with 17+ built-in data modules. Premium and custom data modules available to meet all your data needs, without costly, rigid data licensing terms.

Use the data you want, download the data you need

Standard with all intelligentVIEW plans are 30,000+ data attributes derived from Canada’s top authoritative privacy-compliant databases.

Access the latest data through our Snowflake data lake without paying for storage.

Our team of implementation experts can also work closely with you to assess and deliver on your custom data requirements.

Some of our Data Partners:

Canada Post Smartmail Partner
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Interested in making your data available in intelligentVIEW?

We’ve done the complicated data processing for you and then automated it!

Whether you are a small marketing team with limited access to analysts, or a seasoned analyst team looking for a more efficient way manage the sheer volume of siloed, disparate data, intelligentVIEW is for you.

Data attributes are automatically aggregated or projected to the postal code level

Data is anonymized, including customer, ecommerce, and marketing data

Automated predictive statistical analytics allow for the continual updating, creation, and integration of data

Your databases are connected to the intelligentVIEW system with a common postal code identifier

Privacy compliant

We know that when it comes to data, your legal and compliance teams need to mitigate risk and ensure adherence to all data policies. Rest assured, CiG is committed to sourcing and using data in compliance with Canadian privacy legislation.

Ready to take a closer look?

Spend some time reviewing a sample report on your own, or request a demo to see what intelligentVIEW can do to power your marketing programs.