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Win the Battle Against Lead List Fatigue


Not-for-profit (NFP) marketing is all about recruitment, be it for donors, sponsors, or volunteers. Creating connections with individuals and businesses that have the means to donate or help in other ways is achievable and crucial. Plenty of not-for-profits could stand to benefit greatly from access to intelligentVIEW’s marketing insights.


Recruitment in the NFP space continues to decline as our population ages and the number of charitable causes increase. NFP marketers need to understand who they are not converting, as much as who is giving their time and money to their cause. Most NFP organizations are challenged with budget and resource constraints that prevent them from leveraging the data, insights and media options. Here is where intelligentVIEW rises to the challenge.


The general rule is that marketing budgets should stay within 5%-15% of total operating budget, so resources can be tight and testing new tactics, or targeting potential new donors is often put aside to stick with tried-and-true tactics. NFP marketers recognize they need to shift to include more digital channels and reach new segments, but balancing future needs with immediate priorities is always challenging.

Here are 5 ways intelligentVIEW was designed to maximize marketing efficiencies in a scalable way at an accessible cost:

1. Accessible subscription model

Our SaaS subscription pricing is public with no hidden fees and designed to be accessible to teams of all sizes. Smaller budget? Only need a few months a year? Not a problem! We have worked with NFPs for years across the spectrum of causes and understand the unique set of challenges that exist in this space.

2. Automating profiling and insights generation

IntelligentVIEW’s built in data modules, audience builder tools, and automated profiling give NFPs instant access to insights reports on their current donors, volunteers, and sponsors. You can then leverage these insights to identify new look-alikes with a simple click, versus sharing lists with countless other organizations who are chasing the same pool of donors.

Why not take it one step further and build out new audiences to identify new recruitment growth opportunities? This platform helps NFP marketers to better understand the audiences you are reaching and identify new ones that you’ve yet to engage with.

3. Instant visualization and sizing of new recruitment opportunities

We’re all about the visuals, and our platform is built for you to see your opportunity and help you realize it. Our mapping tools allow you to visualize your audience and opportunities on a familiar Google Maps interactive map, complete with Streetview. Using built-in intelligentSEGMENTS, you’ll know in seconds how many households are in your audience, enabling you to size the opportunity and test new audiences across both online and offline media channels

4. Action insights and activate across traditional, digital and social channels.

IntelligentVIEW connects households to digital media, which means NFP marketers who rely on direct mail can now reach those same audiences and new ones through digital. It’s simple: build an audience, profile that audience to gain insights, and then directly output to your DSP to buy media to reach that audience – all from one place.

5. Easy to use

Whether you are a large NFP with an analytics team or a solo marketer doing it all, intelligentVIEW brings actionable insights to organizations of all sizes. This cloud-based platform is built for marketers to use and is simple to get up and running on. You’ll be fully backed by our customer support team and robust online training and help resources.

With every penny scrutinized, NFPs are constantly under pressure to maximize every dollar spent, and investing in intelligentVIEW offers proven methods of increasing ROI on the marketing spend.

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