There Are Now 40 Million Canadians: See The Top Population Segments

Ryan O'Connor

Ryan O'Connor

Product Marketing Specialist at Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG)

Are you ready to celebrate Canada Day? We are! 🇨🇦

As our national holiday approaches, it’s an ideal time to appreciate and learn more about Canada’s diverse population from coast to coast, from the behaviours we share to what makes us distinct, all 40 million of us.

The Canadian mosaic is constantly growing and changing, from increasing immigration levels, to the recent surge in inter-provincial migration triggered by the pandemic; it can be challenging for marketers to keep up with these changes. Fortunately, segmentation enables us to gain the latest insights into Canada’s population across multiple dimensions.

In celebration of what makes us unique and similar, we thought we’d share the top intelligentSEGMENTS in each province and territory in 2023.

Let's get started!

Towards the end of this post we also highlight what’s changed in the last year and how you can test drive intelligentSEGMENTS.

Starting on the East Coast in beautiful Prince Edward Island, home to picturesque towns and Anne of Green Gables of course. The largest intelligentSEGMENT in Canada’s smallest province is R5 – Thrifty Small Town.

Prince Edward Island – R5 - Thrifty Small Town:

What constitutes this segment?

  • English-speaking married couples with, and without children in two car households.
  • They give disproportionately to nonreligious charities.
  • Active outdoors with snowmobiling, boating, and fishing.
  • Often listen to the radio for news and country music.
R5_Thrifty Small Town_intelligentSEGMENTS

Additionally, Canadians have a lot in common and these commonalities are certainly true in segment T4 – Rural Routes and Pick Up Trucks. This intelligentSEGMENT is the largest in four provinces. On the east coast in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and then in Saskatchewan in the west.

Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, & Saskatchewan – T4 - Rural Routes and Pick Up Trucks:

People in segment T4 are:

  • From a mix of Northern European and Indigenous backgrounds.
  • They usually work in blue collar fields such as manufacturing, forestry, fishing, and farming.
  • Tendency to buy meals on the road at convenience stores.
  • Spends time with family and friends at home and enjoys fishing and snowmobiling.

Next up is La Belle Province! There are many unique segments in Quebec, since it is a majority French-speaking province with different consumer behaviours and attributes. The largest intelligentSEGMENT here is R4 – Campagnes Françaises Frugales.

Quebec – R4 - Campagnes Françaises Frugales:

Key highlights for this intelligentSEGMENT:

  • They are entirely francophone with 93% living in rural and suburban Quebec.
  • Comprised of common law couples and young families living in small bungalows.
  • Have frugal lifestyles and work in the trades and manufacturing.
  • Socialize mostly at home and uses recreational vehicles for fun on the weekends.

Ontario is Canada’s largest province, containing many different intelligentSEGMENTS from a variety of regions, demographic backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. The largest segment here is N2 – Small Town Engine.

Ontario – N2 - Small Town Engine

Who are they?

  • A mix of families and singles across Canada.
  • Works in services and blue-collar fields with lower-than-average incomes.
  • Lives in modest houses that they both own and rent.
  • Frequently shops at large retailers for the essentials and Tim Horton’s is their #1 coffee of choice.

Now we have another top segment in two parts of the country! The province of Manitoba and the Yukon territory, the largest segment for both is P4 – Small Town Trades.

Manitoba & Yukon – P4 - Small Town Trades:

This intelligentSEGMENT is comprised of:

  • Primarily workers in the trades, agricultural, natural resources, and services jobs.
  • They live in modest, mortgaged homes.
  • Enjoys going out to casual family dining, coffee shops, and burger restaurants.
  • Often shops at small retailers and second-hand stores.

Alberta is home to the Rocky Mountains and is one of the fastest growing provinces in Canada. The largest intelligentSEGMENT in wild rose country is K3 – Coffee in Suburbia

Alberta – K3 - Coffee in Suburbia:

This group is made up of:

  • Secure blue-collar families and empty nesters living in suburbia near Calgary and Edmonton.
  • They’re the “grab and go” type, but also enjoy dining at family-style restaurants.
  • They’re a no-frills crowd, based on their shopping habits.
  • Listens to classic hits, classic rock, and some country music on their preferred radio stations.

Next, on the west coast in beautiful scenic British Columbia the top intelligentSEGMENT is G1 – Urban Fringe Service.

British Columbia – G1 - Urban Fringe Service:

Who are the people in this segment?

  • They live on the fringes of urban cities, working in public and private sector services.
  • They are a mix of renters and owners, spending a large percentage of their income on shelter.
  • A large concentration of visible minorities (30%), as well as lone female parents.
  • Not much money at the end of the day for extra leisure activities.

Finally, our cross-country segmentation road trip ends in the great north with the top segment for both Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, which is M2 – Family Adventures.

Nunavut & Northwest Territories – M2 - Family Adventures:

This intelligentSEGMENT comprises of:

  • Families with children and teens who love outdoor adventures and camping.
  • They live in modestly priced real estate and have considerable disposable income.
  • Often spends a lot on recreational vehicles and equipment, like motor homes.
  • Engages a lot online and watches sports, such as the Canadian Football League.

Can you guess which of the top provincial and territorial segments changed this year? Don’t worry, we have the answer with intelligentSEGMENTS. The top segments that changed in 2023 are:

  • 🏙️ Ontario changes from F2 – Comfortable in Suburbia ➡️ N2 – Small Town Engine.
  • 🏔️ Alberta moves from I2 – Sun Seekers ➡️ K3 – Coffee in Suburbia.
  • 🌊 British Columbia shifts from G4 – Established Melting Pot ➡️ G1 – Urban Fringe Service.

Why Segmentation Matters More Than Ever

As Canada’s population continues to grow and change, having the latest insights into Canadians across demographics, consumer behaviours, and lifestyles, makes all the difference for marketers. These insights pave the way for better targeting, messaging, engagement, and results.

Canadian marketers realize the benefits of segmentation with 62% stating that improving audience segmentation is a top priority in supporting better ad targeting.

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