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Insights to Keep Your Marketing Strategy on Track

There is absolutely no shortage of opportunity in the incredibly lucrative wellness industry. This vertical has a projected value of $7 trillion by 2025, and already represents over 5% of global economic output, according to the Global Wellness Institute. The second largest sector in this massive category is Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss, current valued at $946 billion.

Thinking locally, IbisWorld estimated the market value of weight loss companies in Canada at just over $350M, growing at a rate of over 5% per year. To date, the space has been dominated by well-known North American brands who’ve built their empires by targeting typical weight loss clients, often using traditional and digital media tactics, which often lack the ROI digital campaigns seem to deliver in other verticals. The opportunity is there; it is simply a matter of getting your story in front of ideal eyes with scalable precision.

The challenge

As average weights in the population continued to increase over the years, so did the profits of organizations in the wellness space, especially those that specialized in weight loss. However, like every other sector, the paradigm shift into the digital world was changing the rules of marketing and flooding the market with new competitors. 

When the pandemic hit, every business in this space was quickly forced online, leaving some companies sprinting to catch up. Suddenly, big brands were not only fending off new competitors, but struggling to engage with existing and prospective clientele via a digital first strategy.

Enter intelligentVIEW

CiG’s intelligentVIEW platform is designed to help marketers up their marketing prowess to fend off competition by retaining existing customers and engaging with new prospects.

By departing from out-dated marketing analytics business models that come with an abundance of overhead costs, we’ve made elite data solutions the most accessible and effective they’ve ever been. Our scalable solutions are customizable SaaS-based subscriptions that put the power of real, auditable insights and direct to media activation in the creative hands of marketers. Imagine the possibilities!

Understand existing clients = opportunities to reach new prospects!

By simply uploading the postal codes of your current clients, you’re able to map this data into CiG’s intelligentSEGMENTS market segmentation, a robust system with 94 distinct personas. Individual clients instantly become insight-rich segments representing market opportunity.

Using intelligentVIEW’s ‘buy programmatic’ feature, you can then leverage this information to directly activate key target segments digitally through Google (DV360), The Trade Desk, Xandr, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Facebook.

Keeping an eye on your competition

We believe that it never hurts to have a solid handle on your competitions activities, which has inspired us to deploy intelligentVIEW AdSpot. AdSpot is a dashboard powered by a virtual real-time data feed of television, radio and print advertising. Want to be alerted as soon as your competitor puts a new promotion in market, or understand where, when, how frequently and what promotions they are advertising? AdSpot has you covered.

Get back on track

Our platform offers in-depth reports in seconds and our data feed is perpetually refreshed, ensuring you receive a constant stream of targeted audiences you can action. Your marketing campaigns are repeatable and scalable with intelligentVIEW.

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