How to Select the Right Audience Insights Platform: intelligentVIEW vs Competitors

Why audience insights and media activation tools top the list of priorities for marketers in 2024.

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Ryan O'Connor

Product Marketing Specialist at Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG)

We’ve noticed a shift in marketer priorities over the last few months. Whether they’re a teleco looking for competitive intelligence or a not-for-profit that wants new ways to find lookalikes, there is a common theme running through each meeting, a sense of urgency.

“We need something that will fill the gap between insights and campaigns, in real-time. Our budgets are flat and our conversion rates are slipping.”

The answer we say is an audience insights and media activation platform and we then demo how intelligentVIEW is the solution they’re looking for in 2024.

We know time is of the essence, so we thought we’d help those of you who are researching on how to select the right insights and activation tool in 2024 by outlining the answers we give to the top two questions we’re asked:

  1. What are the features do we need in a insights and media activation platform?
  2. How does intelligentVIEW compare to the competition?

Answer #1: What to look for in an insights and media activation platform.

Access to actionable, privacy-compliant data.

We all know that data is essential, and the best insights platforms provide the most up-to-date, privacy-compliant, and accessible data that can power your insights. Here’s what you need:

  • A platform that connects disparate data sources.
  • Provides access to the latest data with regular updates.
  • Adheres to best privacy practices to anonymize data.
  • Uses a future-proofed common identifier for targeting.

Automated workflows for faster audience insights

Once you have the data, being able to quickly generate clear, useful, and actionable insights into your target audiences is a game changer for your teams’ campaign planning. Platform should include:

  • Automated workflows that generate audience insights instantly.
  • Tools to profile, compare, size, and map audiences.
  • A built-in segmentation system with actionable segments.
  • Insights that inform your messaging and media mix.
  • Ability to share insights reports across all your teams, internal, and external partners

Ability to push audiences to media platforms

Data and insights are critical to developing plans and building out creative, but the tool you select must be able to connect directly to your media partners.

  • 100% Canadian household coverage to build maximum addressable audience.
  • Exports to digital, social, programmatic, and direct channels.
  • Connects digital and household targeting for precision and scale.

Want to know more? Check out CiG’s buyer’s guide for audience insights platforms.

Answer #2: How intelligentVIEW compares to the competition:

Now that you know what to look for in an insights and media activation platform, the next question we normally get is, ‘how does intelligentVIEW compare to competitors’?

While the reality is there is no other platform like intelligentVIEW in the Canadian market, we know many marketers are familiar with some of the more traditional players. 

For those of you familiar with some of our competitors, keep reading for a quick overview of how we compare. We’ve also put together a comparison table to see how we compare feature to feature.

Enhanced data projections with regular updates

In 2023, CiG rolled out an updated and enhanced data methodology, enabling us to project 30,000+ data attributes for the entire Canadian population multiple times a year. A first in Canada. In comparison, typically other insights providers are only able to do annual data updates, due to separate data products.

Our multi-year updates are delivered across: 

  • An entire data ecosystem.
  • 30,000+ data attributes projected to every six-digit postal code.
  • Accessible by all intelligentVIEW users in-one cloud-based platform.

Analytics for understanding audiences

While most competitors have different types of pre-built reports, they only reflect data from a specific data product. Our automated insights reports are based on our entire data ecosystem that is connected to various privacy-compliant databases. Being able to quickly produce actionable insights from the data is key to success and our reports provide a complete holistic view of your target audiences.

IntelligentVIEW’s insights include:

  • Robust set of pre-built reports with multiple charts, graphs, and tables to choose from.
  • Multiple mapping tools, including Google Maps with StreetVIEW.
  • Audience Builder tools from Numeris and Dealertrack data.
  • Ability to have custom reports.

Media activation

Having access to data and insights is important, but is it actionable

Most insights platforms lack the ability to deploy audiences directly to media. As a work around, media teams often rebuild audiences identified from insights within each media tool by selecting similar attributes. These ARE NOT the same audience. To target the same audience, you need to push that audience, either through available APIs or export tools to multiple media partners. 

Our media activation includes:

  • Push audiences to digital media (Facebook, TikTok, Trade Desk, DV360, +)
  • Can export audiences to Canada Post Carrier Walks and PCT.
  • Leverages postal codes as common IDs to connect media for omni-channel programs.
  • Uses precise points of call for accurate household targeting and reach.

This is often the difference between intelligentVIEW and competitors that seals the deal to select intelligentVIEW. With this growing sense of urgency, continuing to invest in insights only platforms is no longer cost-effective. 

Transparent pricing

The icing on the cake in selecting intelligentVIEW over competitors, is our pricing model and plans. 

At CiG, we have a straightforward approach. Our pricing model is fully transparent and flexible to suit the needs of large agencies to small marketing teams. In fact our sales team can take you through our pricing template in our first meeting in real-time. There are no hidden costs, extra processing fees or the need for additional consulting services to get what you need. Our plans are flexible and include options such as:

  • Short-term monthly all-in-one subscription plans for teams that want access at key points in the year.
  • Annual subscription plans with discounts.
  • Multi-team users to allow for teams and their agencies to share the same tool.
  • Many more flexible options.

Want to know more the right plan for your team?

Gain the competitive advantage with intelligentVIEW

CiG developed intelligentVIEW to disrupt the traditional data and insights market in Canada and drive more impact for marketing teams. Want to know more? Request a demo with us and see it in action.

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