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Driving Innovation with CiG’s Unique Data Ecosystem

How we are enhancing and transforming the Canadian data development and licensing model.

Picture of Selasi Dorkenoo

Selasi Dorkenoo

Data Analyst at Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG)

When it comes to data, it’s no secret that it is a fast-paced world of constant change. For Canadian organizations, having access to high-value, relevant consumer and market data is essential for success.

At CiG, we’ve always known that data makes the difference for organizations in their marketing programs. That’s why our methodology is built to deliver valuable data for targeting and understanding Canadian audiences, more frequently and with greater accuracy.

We spoke with Selasi Dorkenoo, one of our data team experts to walk us through on how CiG’s unique data ecosystem and approach are driving innovation in the Canadian marketing insights landscape. Selasi studied at Toronto Metropolitan University with a bachelor’s degree in Geographic Analysis and a master’s degree in Spatial Analysis and has previously worked as a Data Analyst for Environics Analytics and as a Technical Sourcer for Coit Group. 

Let’s get started!

Hi Selasi, thank you for chatting with us! To begin, what is CiG’s data methodology?

Thanks, it’s good to chat with you again! So in a nutshell, our methodology pools together all of our data sources into a single ecosystem; it’s a unique approach that we’ve developed where multiple data sources are used to cross-validate and contribute to each other’s robustness.

It starts with understanding that each data source requires different modelling systems. By connecting the data within our one ecosystem, we can exploit all its patterns and statistical relationships, so each data source is consistent with the other.

Ultimately, we connect data assets that accurately project data within our ecosystem; these projections apply different statistical and spatial methods that result in more accurate data.

From there, we standardize this output on a quarterly basis with new data updates to intelligentVIEW, our audience insights platform.

How is this different from other data providers?

That’s a good question, it’s one that we get asked a lot. I would say the biggest difference is that we treat our data as part of an ecosystem. We build a database where our sources mutually benefit one another and connect to each other through a standard framework. Whereas most data products are built in silos, meaning they’re not connected to other data sources.

Essentially, data products serve only one function, so many are limited in scope and application. Because these expensive products are maintained and sold separately, it can be difficult for organizations to access the specific attributes they need, and it often results in additional consulting costs to then interpret the data.

We take a much different approach. What I like about our ecosystem approach is that our multiple data sources cross-validate and improve each other, ensuring accuracy when integrated into our automated insights platform for ease of use.

What is unique about CiG’s data ecosystem?

Personally, I think one of the best (and distinct) aspects of our process is that we deliver data that is actionable for clients that they can use in their campaigns. From generating insights reports to connecting to media channels, such as Canada Post Carrier Walks, Facebook, and other digital ad platforms.

At CiG, our data team is the wizard behind the curtain that consistently provides current, high-quality data about Canadians across the country. We focus on frequently releasing accurate data so organizations can understand and target audiences with precision and scale.

We work diligently to optimize our platform, so that all users can easily visualize and use the data in intelligentVIEW without needing multiple teams to interpret the data.

Overall, we facilitate a more efficient and useful way for clients to attain insights and enhance targeting. Providing quarterly data updates is another key element for success that distinguishes us in the marketing insights landscape.

Why are frequent data updates such an important element today?

In my view, it’s more critical than ever for organizations to have access to the most recent data. For marketing programs to be effective, they require data to be as reflective of the current market and consumer behaviour as much as possible.

The sheer amount of data available today means we must always keep up to reflect the newest changes; fortunately, our process ensures that we’re always up to date with the latest shifts.

Most data products are only updated yearly at best and even then, there is considerable time lag from when the data is collected, processed, and then released to clients. Essentially, this typical release schedule results in data that is already outdated by the time it is available for marketers to use.

There is a better way than this. Thanks to our team’s approach, we deliver quarterly data updates so clients can run more effective programs.

  • Receiving data from both traditional and modern sources make it easier for us to deliver new updates.
  • We parse through all the data and filter it for quality and accuracy.
  • Our ecosystem overcomes challenges by connecting data sources to project and fill in any missing gaps.
  • This greatly reduces the data collection-to-marketing strategy time lag from years to simply months.

Our quarterly updates ensure we are always reflecting the latest information in the marketplace so our clients can leverage this data through intelligentVIEW. The newest data are released in intelligentVIEW within a few hours of the data ecosystem updates.

How does this help our customers?

Our unique data ecosystem has modernized the access and usage of consumer and market data to drive actionable insights.

Thanks to our team’s approach, we consistently provide new data updates into intelligentVIEW with greater frequency, accuracy, and quality that can be leveraged for marketing effectiveness.

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