Pre-mover Data Module

Identify and capitalize on pre-mover audiences with CiG’s premium pre-mover data to enhance your trigger-based marketing.

Change Equals Opportunity

Selling a home is a major lifestyle change with many opportunities for marketers in different industries, from purchasing paint, organizers, new locks, and lawn mowers to mortgages and home insurance.

Canadian homeowners spend big when they move and now CiG’s pre-mover data can help you find and reach them effectively. Identify churn risk with existing customers and find new acquisition opportunities.

Identify New Acquisition Targets

Reaching pre-movers at the right time makes all the difference. Tap into accurate and up-to-date intent buying signals to trigger your marketing programs and capitalize on these key moments.

National address level real estate listings.

Updated bi-weekly.

Audiences available online and offline at postal code level.

Volumes align with home buying cycle, peaking in springtime with +50k.

100% privacy compliant data.

Industry Use Cases for Targeting Pre-movers

Many purchases are made when moving, from insurance, appliances, furniture, and more. Here’s how our pre-mover database helps scale trigger-based opportunities for different industries:

Appliances, Housewares & Retailers

New appliances and furniture often top the list of purchases made when buying a new home. Introduce your product line-up to new prospects.

Telecom & Utilities

The highest churn occurs during the moving process, proactively manage existing customers and acquire new ones with offers aligned to their needs.

Financial Services

Enhance your residential mortgage and insurance acquisition campaigns with real-time data on who is buying and where to find them.

Home Services

From painters to HVAC installation, there’s plenty of opportunity to connect with consumers actively looking for your services.

Case Study

Learn how using intelligentVIEW led a Canadian home improvement brand to a 600% CTR increase on their ad campaign when targeting pre-movers on Facebook.

Ready to take a closer look?

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