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Winning in the Canadian Telecom Industry

3 Ways to Visually Map Data to Identify Growth Opportunity

Challenge: siloed approach

Traditionally, major Canadian telco’s have been departmentally siloed when it comes to growth strategy.

Growth to the network meant expanding the reach of services by extending infrastructure to where people live and work, considering variables like topography, population densities and market regulations. Meanwhile, marketing focused on targeting specific types of customers for an array of services through demographics, segmentation, and predictive analytics.

Opportunity: break down silos and visualize new markets

What if you could break these silos and merge efforts to deploy campaigns that simultaneously achieve network expansion and customer growth? IntelligentVIEW does exactly this using an intuitive set of data modules and technologies that identify both network and customer opportunities, ultimately connecting the what with the who.

1. Identify market opportunities

For telco’s the money is often in the mapping. Geospatially connecting the existing and future network topography with customer segments, telcos link market opportunity with network planning. Telco marketers and product managers can visualize their current network and overlay factors that will help them determine viable locations for expanding their networks and deploying new customer acquisition and conversion campaigns.

2. Understand your existing network

Telcos also rely on our visualization and mapping features to identify potential opportunities within their existing network. IntelligentVIEW’s data modules are built exclusively around information that can be used to activate audiences that exist where there are already network assets in place, connecting the right audiences, with the right services and the right promotions.

3. Scale customer data to target look-alikes

Using intelligentVIEW insights allows telcos to scale their marketing efforts, by mapping folks who match the personas of existing customers by product or service. IntelligentVIEW’s subscription-based insights platform continually identifies new acquisition opportunities within the current and expanding network footprint.

Whether using the 94 intelligentSEGMENTS or projected competitive data targeting, look-alikes is a proven method of marketing that focuses on efficiency and accuracy. Our software will help you visually map where these look-alikes are in relation to your existing networks.

Network growth strategy and customer acquisition efforts must no longer be mutually exclusive. Leveraging the deep insights intelligentVIEW exclusively offers and mapping these insights visually allow telco’s to simultaneously determine where to grow their networks, how to grow their networks, and how to connect and engage with audiences that exist, both within an existing network and in areas of potential expansion. This two-pronged approach inevitably strengthens campaign efficiencies and empowers telcos to expand with purpose and market with precision.

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