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Comparing intelligentVIEW

How intelligentVIEW compares to traditional insight tools

One of the questions we’re often asked is how does intelligentVIEW compare to the other Canadian insight products and data providers?

The simple answer is there is no product on the market today that directly compares to intelligentVIEW. We’ve combined data, insights, and built-in media activation in one software-as-a-service platform. 

We’ve put together the chart below to help you understand how we’re changing the Canadian insights landscape and how intelligentVIEW compares to more traditional Canadian data and insights providers. 

The Old Way

The New Way with intelligentVIEW 


  • Data products built and maintained separately.

  • Simple geographic proportioning misses potentially important statistical patterns.

  • Updated annually, or infrequently.

  • Simplistic geographic data allocations resulting in inaccurate representation of data at small geographies.
  • Data products built and maintained in a single ecosystem that cross validates, enhancing accuracy particularly at the postal code level.

  • Updated frequently to accommodate frequent postal code changes in Canada and frequent survey updates.

  • Fully integrated into an automated insights platform.

  • All data is in compliance with Canadian privacy legislation.

Pricing Model

  • Restrictive, often costly licensing.

  • Data products purchased separately and often difficult to only acquire the required data fields.

  •  Additional consulting costs to model, analyze, and interpret the data.

  • Data set updates can require additional purchases.

  • Transparent and flexible insights and data as a service subscription plans built for all teams.

  • All plans include intelligentSEGMENTS, access to postal code data, and all future data set updates.


  • Fully dependent on in-house analysts, or hiring outside consultants. 

  • Relying on IP locations and/or pseudo links to geo-demographic segments are poor for programmatic and social media advertising.

  • Fully automated audience and market profiling capabilities.

  • Audience targeting is done directly through addresses and postal codes that are connected to digital IDs for exceptional accuracy.

  • Generate customizable insight reports and data visualizations.

  • Versatile mapping features to uncover new markets.

  • Ability to integrate and augment your own data.

Speed & Ease of Use

  • Requires analysts to produce reports.

  • Time consuming to analyze and produce reports.

  • A less efficient and complicated process. 

  • Built for marketers and analysts. Marketers can self-serve and analysts can dig deeper.

  • Profile, compare, map, and gain audience insights in minutes.

  • Visual navigation with no coding required.

  • Easily share reports with internal and external teams.

Media Activation

  • Not available or not built-in.

  • Requires additional resources.

  • Activate direct and digital media from within intelligentVIEW.

  • Ability to build and buy audiences at scale.

  • Directly push your target audience to your preferred media vendor. (DSP, Social).

  • A high penetration rate among the target audiences in your direct and digital campaigns due to accurate targeting.

Training & Support

  • Often additional costs.

  • Plans include onboarding, ongoing training, and support.

  • Resources available to develop custom report modules, functionality, and reports.

  • Help site with step-by-step guides.

  • Webinars and personalized training.

Nothing in the insights landscape compares to intelligentVIEW

As marketers and agencies encounter new challenges and opportunities, it is more important than ever to have a single, integrated marketing technology solution that can streamline your complete market analyses process and lead to success. 

Check out our resources below for more information on comparing intelligentVIEW and its features.

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