Reaching Addressable Audiences Through Media Channels

How intelligentVIEW enables users to precisely target and reach the same addressable audiences across a multitude of advertising channels.

In previous articles, I discussed how the intelligentVIEW platform has created digital identifiers that allow marketers to identify and scale audiences with geographic precision. I also shared the ways this platform compiles and provides maximum addressable audiences to marketers. In this article, I bring these two concepts together to talk about how we turn this collection into action.

This insight essentially drives our overall mission to make it easy for advertisers to identify a target audience, understand that audience in detail, and access that same audience across a plethora media channels via one single platform.

"I’ve Created a Robust Addressable Audience; Now What?

Some years ago, I realized a significant gap in data services as I was white labelling a version of intelligentVIEW for a major marketing agency. While the platform was being used extensively and remained successful in providing unprecedented consumer insights; there wasn’t an easy and accurate way of communicating the data rendered directly into media buys.

The gap between strategic insights and media buying was undeniable, and thus we decided to evolve our platform to solve for this missing piece. Reaching addressable audiences across different media channels can make all the difference for Canadian marketers and enhance your campaigns’ effectiveness.

Pinpoint and Engage Your Exact Audience, Anywhere

We created a data-driven solution that ultimately turns insights into action, and leverages key consumer data to empower media buying with precision. 

intelligentVIEW is a first of its kind platform that uses a common identifier to link data, target audiences and media into one ecosystem. This gives marketers the opportunity to target the same addressable audience across multiple advertising channels.

We do this by first identifying the maximum addressable audience, and then using key identifiers to target the same audience across all major media channels. This capability is unique to intelligentVIEW.

How does it work?

Using common identifiers, we have developed an input method for every primary media channel in existence. For example, we can take the same target audience and connect them to digital platforms through their mobile IDs and their postal codes for direct mail and broadcast media buying. From there, we can reach addressable audiences with precision across direct and digital media channels.

The Emergence of Out of Home Targeting

One of the most intriguing applications of data has been Out of Home (OOH) targeting; meaning marketers can set a geographical perimeter using digital view cones (geofences that capture viewer audiences by property) and learn about the individuals that one would find within this area. 

Using mobile device IDs that have been tied to a real six-digit postal code means you can precisely access your exact audience with the right OOH inventory at the right times.

Typically, OOH has been one of the most challenging media channels to target and measure. intelligentVIEW and the use of mobile data has simplified OOH targeting, allowing for easy inclusion in overall media plans.

Reaching Audiences and Tracking Results that Matter

The majority of today’s campaigns are measured by performance metrics such as reach, impressions and clicks, but the ultimate KPI remains sales. Did I actually sell anything to the audiences I’m targeting? 

Our data sets offer a reliable link to real sales, which can be reviewed against any active campaign to determine its efficacy. This collection of insights allows marketers to understand which channels are converting and attribute real time sales to any campaign.

The competitive advantage of being able to get your message in front of the same eyeballs through a multitude of channels is abundant and is truly changing the game. intelligentVIEW is helping to break barriers and drive innovation within advertising today.

Tim Leys

Partner - Consumer Intelligence Group Inc.

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