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We have designed our plan options  to give you the greatest flexibility to get your team up and running as quickly as possible:

Personalized onboarding and training

Quick start webinars on demand

Online help centre

Custom onboarding and training

For large teams and enterprise organizations, we also offer a fully managed option that includes:

Custom data integration

Development of custom reports

Dedicated consulting and support team

Whatever you need, the CiG team is here to help.

Cloud-based application, no need for IT involvement or costly integrations.

The CiG customer success team is here to support you every step of the way. 

On-demand Training Resources

Although intelligentVIEW is simple to use, we have gone even further by providing several training options to get you up and running even quicker:

Working with your legal and compliance teams

We know that when it comes to data, your legal and compliance teams need to mitigate risk and ensure adherence to all data policies. Rest assured, CiG is committed to sourcing and using data in compliance with Canadian privacy legislation. 

We also understand that some organizations take extra precautionary steps beyond legislated requirements. In such cases, we work to ensure data are delivered and received in alignment with your additional requirements.

Worth noting:

In addition to our own privacy policy, we compile and maintain documentation for all of our data sources and can provide them upon request.

With thousands of up-to-date consumer data attributes at the six-digit postal code, CiG enhances your customer and market knowledge safely while driving results.

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