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Understanding How To Connect and Target New Markets – Including Millennials

Understanding How To Connect and Target New Markets – Including Millennials

Marketers know they must connect with millennials.

The how, where, and when is what so many teams are struggling with.

Tight budgets often mean Marketers and Media Planners lack the resources to further segment existing targets; a critical step in dissecting the millennial bunch and a good indicator for media selects.

Instead, Media Planner’s employ ad-hoc media monitoring to see how competitors are messaging to this group and position themselves accordingly.

Now marketers can access both customer insights and competitive media and advertising creative monitoring through one interface, intelligentVIEW.


A new product with a Millennial audience in mind

Apple Bank launched a new product, ‘the everyday account’ that combined saving and lending features, for which they were targeting millennials.

Apple Bank’s Media Planner was provided with a broad segment of Millennials to target with 20% of the go to market ad spend.

We know Millennials are not one cohesive segment purely defined by the time in which they were born.  The challenge is that there are many customer segments and profiles within the demographic.

Quick and easy segmentation with the intelligentVIEW insights platform

By uploading existing Apple Bank customers to intelligentVIEW, Apple Bank Marketers were able to utilize the robust Segmentation module, containing 17 Segments and 109 subsegments to generate a detailed breakdown of the millennial persona.

What could have been a lengthy segmentation project was completed, in minutes.

Millennial Segments

Keep your campaigns close and competitor campaigns closer

Competitive media monitoring is a key differentiator for banking products and is now accessible in real time with a few clicks of a button.

The Apple Bank Media Planner easily highlights four competitors with a similar product. Instantly she can access creative, brand and market share reporting to better understand the media landscape the new everyday banking product will enter.

View Competitor Creative With AdSpot

Image source: intelligentVIEW AdSpot interface


Through one intelligent interface, the Media Planner is able to define her audience and see the media landscape first hand.

The decision to allocate 20% ad spend to channels most likely to influence the target is informed by relevant data.


Learn more about the intelligentVIEW insights platform.

Learn more about intelligentVIEW AdSpot.



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