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Simplifying The Pitch Process For Agencies

Simplifying The Pitch Process For Agencies

RockIt is a successful marketing agency with top clients in the retail, financial and automotive industries. The agency is constantly looking to expand their current list of clients by pitching new businesses on their services.

A High Cost for Unpaid Work

Like most agencies, RockIt would spend hours researching a company and its customers before developing their pitch for new business. This was a time-consuming process and drain on company resources.

It was difficult to find quick analytical and customer profiling resources and they couldn’t justify research dollars on work they might not get.

RockIt needed cost-effective marketing insights software to provide them with detailed customer profiles for pitches.

Simplifying the pitch process with intelligentVIEW insights reporting

intelligentVIEW’s simple pricing structure meant RockIt didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on customer insights needed for the planning and pitching process. Even better, they could use one tool for multiple projects saving time and money on research.

RockIt used the insights gained from intelligentVIEW reporting to guide the campaign strategy, tactics and creative approach for clients.

intelligentVIEW’s visualized reports were included directly in their presentation decks – saving the time of creating reports from scratch.


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