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RRSP Product Marketing Gets Competitive Edge

RRSP Product Marketing Gets Competitive Edge
Customer Insights and Ad Tracking to Target New Markets

Competition for RRSP investment dollars and RRSP loans is fierce.

Every FI gets into the game trying to secure dollars from their existing clients and capture incremental market share.

Despite ongoing attempts by FI’s to shift the RRSP buying cycle, RRSP season continues to be a frenzied push during the month of February with the ever present countdown clock to the contribution deadline.

For companies like Choice Investments, not one of the ‘big five’ Canadian banks, RRSP season is an opportunity to acquire new customers with their very attractive RRSP loans offering.


The challenge: Real time monitoring of competitive activity

The offer mix is defined long before RRSP season begins, but critical to success for the Product Marketing team who is monitoring competitive activity over the 60-day RRSP season.

Traditionally, competitive ad placement, messaging and frequency are tracked by aggregating multiple data sources, ad hoc manual ad monitoring or dependence on other teams to provide insights.


The opportunity: intelligentVIEW AdSpot

This year, Choice Investments will be using intelligentVIEW AdSpot to track and report competitive ad activity in-house and in real time to:


• Report weekly on Creative and Market Share across Newspaper, Digital, and Radio.

• Understand breaking competitor advertising or promotional activity via automated email notifications.

• Query specific terms mentioned within creative and search relevant advertising based on the requested criteria.

• Monitor Choice Investments’ advertising spots.

Access immediate insights to understand:

• Frequency of competitor advertising.

• Competitor messaging and positioning.

• Trends and patterns.

• Share of voice.

• Activity spikes in relation to time.

Report samples and interface

Competitive Media Monitoring Dashboard

Category Report By Market 

A broad overview of category selections organized by Market to understand Market Share.



Active Creative Report 

Demonstrate the different channels and positioning used to promote a product.



Learn more about intelligentVIEW AdSpot here.


Erin Stripe, CiG's Sales & Marketing Coordinator, is part coffee, part post-it note and all sparkle. Always scanning for the latest insights and research online (and funniest cat videos), Erin's updates will keep you informed.