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Consumer Intelligence Group Privacy Policy

Consumer Intelligence Group Inc. has developed is privacy policy to reflect its understanding of the importance in the protection of personal information.  Our privacy principles are based on the principles set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

CiG is a member of the Canadian Marketing Association and abides by all the CMA guidelines surrounding privacy and the handling of personally identifiable information.

CiG tries to ensure that all data that it handles through its regular business practises including the transfer of data for the purposes of list rental, data processing, data manipulation and the construction of databases for marketing purposes meet our requirements in terms of:

Obtaining Consent – CiG makes all efforts possible to ensure that data transferred to and from CiG, recommended by CiG or developed by CiG has obtained consent to use the data for the intended purpose.

Limiting the Collection of Personal Information – CiG makes all reasonable effort to enforce that owners of data used by CiG within its normal course of business limit the collection of personally identifiable information for the intended use of the data.

Limiting the storage of data for periods not exceeding the intended purpose of the data – CiG works with each of its clients to understand the overall requirements associated with the inclusion of personal information and builds into our programs the retirement of data that no longer is valid in terms of the original intended use of the data.

Limiting access of the data for the intended purpose only – CiG utilized strict criteria surrounding access to data to ensure that both physical and technical access to the data is limited to staff members assigned for the implementation of the intended purpose of the data.

CiG also ensures to the best of its ability to safeguard the information through technological best practises for the unwarranted or malicious attempts to access the data.

Being Accountable – CiG is accountable to the public for our data practises and principles for personal information that is handled by CiG.   Our privacy officer is Kevin Klein, Partner, Operation and Client Service and can be reached through the following coordinates:

Kevin Klein
Partner, Operations and Client Service
100 Lombard St., Suite 104
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1M3
(416) 367-2444