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The Planning: Pop Up Shop or Not?

The Planning: Pop Up Shop or Not?
Marketing Insights for Retail

B&M is thinking about creating an intimate in-store experience to contrast their three-story, bustling flagship store. Building a Pop Up Shop is a great way to showcase feature products, provide personal one on one service and increase brand awareness to look-alike customers.

Access insights and strategize with data

Before moving ahead with a Pop Up location, the Marketing Strategist must make a compelling business case to get buy-in from internal stakeholders.

The Retail Analyst, for example, is asking for quantitative and qualitative research before redirecting stock and agreeing to the associated financial risk.

The fear of a promising idea stuck in a lengthy and complicated planning cycle is mitigated by the Marketing Strategist’s adoption of intelligentVIEW insights to reinforce the Pop Up Shop strategy with data.

The B&M Marketing Strategist can test the hypothesis with real insights.


Insights Driven Planning

B&M’s database of 800,000 customer postal codes is interpreted by intelligentVIEW to generate shareable reports containing insights on top selling products, most loyal clients, and highest spenders.

Existing customer profiles are validated and developed further.

The Marketing Strategist has a clear view of the existing B&M audience to use as a benchmark in searching for look-alike customers in the market.

Further segmentation reveals patterns of demographic, culture, product usage, purchase behavior, hobbies and most importantly where they live.


Heat Mapping

Image Source: Heat map from intelligentVIEW reporting.

Location, location, location

One of the most valuable tools available to the Marketing Strategist is the heat mapping tool, used to map hot spots for the top segments of existing customers, look alike customers and determine exactly where the Pop Up Shop should be.

Heat mapping allows you to visualize the concentrations of your customers.


The wrap-up

Incorporating insights technology into the planning stage resulted in a thorough understanding of the B&M audience and effective communication with internal stakeholders to obtain buy-in.

intelligentVIEW reporting is easily incorporated into the overall Pop Up Shop presentation to support the business case and speed decision making, allowing B&M to comfortably move ahead with the decision to invest in a Pop Up Shop.


Erin Stripe, CiG's Sales & Marketing Coordinator, is part coffee, part post-it note and all sparkle. Always scanning for the latest insights and research online (and funniest cat videos), Erin's updates will keep you informed.