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5 Ways To Prepare For A Mail Disruption

5 Ways To Prepare For A Mail Disruption

So you’ve heard about the potential Canada Post strike on July 2nd and like most marketers, our emoji reaction was a combination of big eyes, clenched teeth, and sad cat faces.

Here at CiG we think it is important to do everything possible to ensure the issues within Canada Post do not adversely affect business. We put our heads together and came up with a plan to support clients and partners in the likely event a mail disruption occurs. 

The situation:

History tells us the disruption could last a month or more, impacting key campaign seasons for our Publishing, Not-For-Profit and Retail friends. You’ve done insights driven planning, created a rad DM campaign for your audience and now it may not land as planned.

It is okay.

If there is one thing marketing continuously reminds us, it is that we need to be adaptable and responsive, always.

Look at this scenario as an opportunity to test your skills.

CiG’s 5 Ways To Prepare A Mail Disruption

  1. Be transparent:  We’ve reached out to clients personally to let them know how their data acquisition and processing schedule may be affected and offered customized solutions. Our customers also know how we’ve allocated internal resources to meet their needs at this time.


  1. Innovate: Think outside of the box, literally. Without mail service, how else can you achieve your goal? If you’re stuck, we have tons of ideas.  Let us know how we can help.


  1. Communicate:  Connect with donors and customers ASAP to let them know about the disruption and share alternative ways to support and connect with you during this time.


  1. Go Digital: No better time like the present to set up electronic channels where possible. Your vendors and clients will thank you.


  1. Optimize Email: In the event, your DM campaign is canceled, Email might be an alternative for you. CiG List Services can provide you with CASL compliant lists and help with all facets of your campaign.


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CiG partner and story spinner, Kevin Klein has spent 20 years and counting developing solutions for some of the most prolific marketers in Canada. His out of the box approach to problem solving is well versed in the practical and tactical. Kevin will always make time for an Anthony Bourdain, Farley Mowat or Bob Hunter anecdote. Just ask.