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intelligentVIEW Relationships

intelligentVIEW Relationships

A comprehensive marketing and prospecting database built for high frequency, high volume mailers.


A turnkey marketing and prospecting database for a fraction of the time and investment.


Generate customer profiles and identify vital segments in minutes with intelligentVIEW.


Deliver relevant campaigns and messages to the right audience.


Build your database in four simple steps.

intelligentVIEW Insights Reports

All Components Under One Roof

We’ve combined our distinct services and innovative marketing technology to offer a comprehensive prospecting and marketing database solution. Built and maintained by CiG, accessible to you, anytime.


Our longstanding relationships with list owners allows us to work around traditional cost and time constraints associated with list purchases. 


Turn basic customer data into fully interpreted insights reports in minutes. Easily profile and segment your prospects to inform planning and decision making.


Our in-house data processing services have the unique ability to prep, blend and report on data in days, not weeks.

How Marketers Use Databases

360 Degree View of Prospects

On Demand Profiling and Segmentation

Understand True Marketing Cost of Acquisition

Generate Quality Leads

Track ROI Across Individual or Multiple Campaigns

 Keep A Campaign History

How We Build the Database

We use a simple four step process to build your Marketing and Prospecting database

Building the Database

intelligentVIEW Customer Insights for Marketers

 intelligentVIEW for Marketers

intelligentVIEW Insights Platform for Enterprise

intelligentVIEW for Enterprise