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intelligentVIEW for Marketers

A 360° View of Customers in Minutes

Generate customer insights and presentation ready reporting through one interface.


Understand your customers and markets

You don’t need to be a data geek or statistician.

intelligentVIEW profiling and segmentation tools make it easy to tell a comprehensive customer story.


Make data driven decisions - fast

Turn basic company data into fully interpreted insights reports to inform planning and decision making.


Grow market share

Find where your best customers are, what they look like and other prospects with similar habits and attributes.


Drive relevance

Verify that offers and promotions are tailored to the right audience and delivered through the right channels.

The concept is simple. The benefits are immediate.

intelligentVIEW Radio Listenership Report

intelligentVIEW Demographic Summary Report

intelligentVIEW Beverage Report

How Marketers Use Insights

Inform planning and make insights driven decisions.

intelligentVIEW combines your data with report modules to generate on-demand insights reports to answer questions about your prospects and audiences.


Easily profile and segment your customers and markets.

  • What do my customers look like? What are their habits?
  • What segments are digitally savvy and/or receptive?
  • What media channels reach my audience?
  • How many future customers fall into my target audience within my markets?


Locate your customers and source other prospects with similar attributes and habits.

  • How big is the opportunity for a program or product within my customer base?
  • What do the people look like around my stores/branches?
  • What segments should I prospect against?
  • What is the profile of the new market I am considering expanding to?


Understand and share the story about your customers, markets, trade areas, competitors or prospects with internal decision makers. Use what you’ve learned to engage and connect in relevant ways.


Everything You Need to Find and Understand Your Audience

intelligentVIEW is filled with data and features to help answer your most pressing marketing questions.

28+ Modules

28+ customer behaviour modules to build reports.

User Friendly

No complicated set up required.


Access anywhere, anytime.

Shareable Reports

Easily customize and share reports.

Anytime Anywhere

More powerful capabilities of intelligentVIEW

intelligentVIEW Insights Platform for Enterprise

intelligentVIEW for Enterprise