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intelligentVIEW for Enterprise

intelligentVIEW for Enterprise business

Data Driven Decision Making with intelligentVIEW

In today’s data rich, technology driven world, business leaders must collaborate more than ever to make informed decisions – fast.


Insights for everyone

User-friendly application makes it easy for anyone to generate and share insights – not just the data geeks.


Collaborative decision making

Decision makers need access to the right kind of data, presented in a language that is easily understood and shared.


Break down silos

Validate an idea or access an evolving view of your customers and markets without the extra hands or wait time.


Make your data actionable

Don’t be overwhelmed by your data. Make it useful and actionable in the form of insights reporting.

Intelligent Reporting for Everyone at the Table

intelligentVIEW Demographic Summary Report

intelligentVIEW Market Opportunity report

A deep understanding of customers, targets, and markets shared in a common language to inform collaborative decision making is the competitive advantage of 2018.

1. Executive: Instant access to executive level reporting without the time and curation requirements.

2. Marketing: A comprehensive view of customers and prospects with optional access to real time competitive media monitoring through intelligentVIEW AdSpot.

3. Risk: Integrate risk profiles, models and key metrics alongside consumer credit data.

4. Sales: Access opportunity metrics and performance by target market.

5. Research: Single sign-in access to internal and external information to size opportunities.

6. Segmentation: Fast profiling of deciles, customer segments, and data extractions.

Solutions for Every Industry

Customizable intelligentVIEW reports and flexible pricing plans help all sizes of business unlock data to find customer and market insights.

Internal Data + External Data for Better Customer Insights

Large financial institutions have vast amounts of internal data, but struggle to fully leverage it.

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Select Your Attributes to Find Customer Insights

How to Connect and Target New Markets

Marketers know they must connect with Millennial audiences – the how, when and where is what so many struggle with.

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Marketing Insights Help Buyer Personas

Updated Customer Personas Drive Loyalty

Not interested in a costly, manual, resource intensive segmentation project to update and refine customer personas?

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intelligentVIEW Customer Insights for Marketers

 intelligentVIEW for Marketers

Anytime Anywhere

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