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Insurer Uses intelligentVIEW For Better Agency Briefs

Insurer Uses intelligentVIEW For Better Agency Briefs
Marketing Insights for Insurance

Image source: intelligentVIEW reporting

Giving Target Customers a Voice

Charles Block Insurance Co. is a large and established insurer. They rely on their agency to develop campaigns and tactical programs that drive customer acquisition strategies. During the briefing process, it’s important to articulate the target in an insightful, clear and concise way. Charles Block knows the value of customers who buy their home and car insurance but little else.

Charles Block and the agency would benefit from knowing:

  1. The size of the opportunity
  2. Who their targets are in detail: Are there multiple targets? Should they segment their offer?
  3. What media channels to use to reach the target: What TV shows do they watch? What radio stations do they listen to? What newspapers do they read? What are they doing online?

Personas Emerge at the Click of a Mouse

Charles Block profiles their best customers to define the target. After uploading their customer postal codes, a standard intelligentVIEW report reveals two distinct targets:


Almost instantly with intelligentVIEW Charles Block can share their target insights.

The images in the reports make it even easier for their agency to understand the targets and apply the best tactics to target them and achieve their goals.

Learn more about intelligentVIEW reporting here.

Laura Marshall is a redhead, self-proclaimed geek and Marketing Manager at CiG. She works tireless to develop creative marketing ideas, make things look pretty and generally class up the joint.