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CiG on front page of DM News

CiG on front page of DM News

CiG’s intelligent|view Featured in Direct Marketing News

Analytics for All – By Sarah O’Connor

Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG) quickly found its niche within the Canadian direct marketing industry after opening its doors in May/June of 2010 thanks to intelligent|view, CiG’s unique platform that provides quick, relevant and comprehensive access to customer analysis. Now CiG is taking analytics to the next level with the intelligent|viewCustomer Analysis Subscription Service.

Accessed online through any device that has a web browser, with a payment structure similar to those employed by cellular phone companies, this new service offers marketers a rich, comprehensive understanding of their customers in minutes and, best of all, with no prohibitive capital investment required. intelligent|view‘s analytics can now be easily referenced, whether you are working on a pitch at your desk, brainstorming with colleagues around a tablet or are struck with an idea in the middle of the night and reaching for your smartphone on the nightstand.

CiG is the brainchild of Kevin Klein, partner, operations and client services, and Tim Leys, partner, sales and strategy. Klein’s background includes data manipulation and data processing, while Leys’ expertise is geodemographics, analytics and profiling. While working for different companies they frequently collaborated on various projects and often discussed the wide gap of knowledge that they perceived between their respective fields. They founded CiG in order to create a bridge between these fields for marketers.

“Generally what happens is a company that wants to do customer analytics or market analytics will go to an analytics company and they’ll want to understand a market or market segment or a section of their customers,” says Klein. “That’s the strategic component of how they are going to reach the market. And then they go to another company to actually tactically fulfill, so they may have an agency and that agency will have a bunch of suppliers to get them lists and media and build the creative and so on and so forth.

“What we were finding when we were working together pre-Consumer Intelligence Group is that in a lot of cases the tactic never really met what the strategic requirements were and that was because a lot of the information was being disseminated and filtered through a number of different organizations. Also, in building the strategy nobody really understood exactly what the market potential was going to be. It wasn’t until the very end when they actually bought media that they really knew whether there was a market or not.


Tim is one of the innovative partners behind CiG. He has spent over 20 years in the marketing analytics business bringing creative data solutions to some of the largest marketers in Canada. He also has a penchant for loud shirts and fast cars.


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