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Direct Marketing Facts: How to Make Your Holiday Campaign a Success [Infographic]

Direct Marketing Facts: How to Make Your Holiday Campaign a Success [Infographic]

Put down that jack-o-lantern and the candy corn. It’s time to start thinking about tinsel and mistletoe.

The holiday season is the most important shopping time of the year. In 2013, $81.1 billion were spent on holiday shopping in Canada. That’s 17% of annual retail sales in just two months!

So whether you have your plans fully fleshed out and are sitting back drinking eggnog, or you are the last minute type, take some time to make sure you’re holiday campaign is on track.

The following infographic shows you how you can improve your holiday direct marketing campaigns.


If you’re looking for a few more tips to optimize your holiday direct marketing download our eBook 20 Direct Marketing Tips: How to Make Your Holiday Campaign a Success.

The guide walks you through how to improve your campaigns with tips on:

  • Planning based on insights,
  • Targeting and segmenting your customers,
  • Channel selection and optimization; and
  • Knowing the right type of lists to choose.

Download the eBook here.


Laura Marshall is a redhead, self-proclaimed geek and Marketing Manager at CiG. She works tireless to develop creative marketing ideas, make things look pretty and generally class up the joint.


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