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intelligentVIEW profiling and segmentation tool

SaaS Profiling and Segmentation

The concept is simple, the benefits are immediate.


20,000+ Data Attributes

We use data from North America’s most trusted and reliable data sources to build our Report Modules.


28 Report Modules

You decided which Report Modules are most relevant to your business and market.


17 Segments & 109 Sub-segments

A robust segmentation model that can be customized with your data is included in all reports.


100’s of Insights Charts & Tables

Reports are generated with charts and images that reflect and interpret the data. We can customize the graphics to include your company brand assets and imagery.

No need for costly data licenses, IT involvement and a dedicated team of analysts to run and interpret reports.

 intelligentVIEW is a game changer for Enterprise businesses and Marketers, delivering valuable insights in minutes to inform and guide decision making.

The Data

Powered by 20,000+ unique consumer attributes generated from North America’s most trusted and reliable data sources and media properties including:

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is Canada’s National Statistical Agency and most trusted source for census data about the Canadian population.

Manifold Data Mining

Manifold Data Mining is a leading provider of consumer data in Canada. Data includes includes psychographics and lifestyle segmentation.

Ethnic Technologies

Ethnic Technologies is a leader in multicultural research and data. They provide CiG with ethnicity, religion and language data.

Canada Post

Canada Post is Canada’s leading provider of customer communication solutions reaching more than 15.3 million addresses.


Equifax is Canada’s premiere source for providing credit bureau and financial information reports for businesses.


Numeris is Canada’s most trusted and authoritative source for broadcast measurement and consumer behavior data. 

28 Report Modules and Growing

You decide how broad or specific your intelligentVIEW insights report should be.

To get you started, we always include the following base modules in every report:

1. Demographics* Age, household income, housing, employment characteristics, market penetration.

2. Segmentation* Vital segments within the customer file, penetration of segments and sub-segments.

You choose the additional modules to inform your decision making.

3. Household Spending: Household shopping patterns, child care expenses, spending on groceries, clothing and entertainment.

4. Shopping Habits: Top stores for groceries, clothing, shoes, books, furniture, electronics, and more.

5. Recreation & Lifestyle: Hobbies and activities, sports interests, lottery spending, casino attendance.

6. Telecommunications: Telecommunication service provider, spending habits on home phone, mobile phone, internet.

7. Beverages: Drinking habits, top soft drink and beer brands, frequency of drinking.

8. Restaurants: Dining habits, top restaurants, restaurant spending, restaurant services used.

9. Financial: Habits, savings, debt, investments, preferred financial institution.

10. Automotive: Number of vehicles, type of vehicles owned, automakers by penetration and index, purchase and lease behaviour.

11. Travel: Top vacation destinations, airline and booking preferences, online travel services used.

12. Ethnicity: Ethnic backgrounds, ethnic groups, language spoken, religions.

13. Carrier Walks: Optimized Canada Post Carrier Walk rank report.

14. Digital Personas: Segmentation by online behaviour with internet interests, most commonly visited websites.

15. List & Channel:  Actual list counts of top Canadian magazines.

16. Print Media: Newspaper and magazine readership, top magazines read.

17. Broadcast Media: Radio listenership, radio programs, television viewing patterns, top television shows and channels.

18. Energy & Green Opinions: Attitudes towards energy efficient appliances, recycling, public transit.

19-28. Consumer Credit Behaviour  10 Available Modules: Credit history, payment delays, credit rating, used and unused credit.

 Customized views and visualizations to assess and map any market are also available.

Heat Maps: Visualize customer hotspots with Google Maps integration.

Street View: Drill down further with Google Street View integration.

How intelligentVIEW creates insights reporting

Integrating Your Data

CiG’s client success team will work with you to identify the right data to produce relevant insights reporting.


Data examples:

Customer, prospect and market data – Integrated at the postal code level to minimize any privacy or security concerns.

Existing profile and segmentation data – Easily keep Profiles and Segments up to date and relevant without costly data aggregation projects and additional resources.

Risk, pricing, and customer value data – Understand and measure your customer and market value.


Our in-house data management team will look after data cleansing and formatting to ensure a seamless integration into the intelligentVIEW platform.


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intelligentVIEW Customer Insights for Marketers

 intelligentVIEW for Marketers

intelligentVIEW Insights Platform for Enterprise

intelligentVIEW for Enterprise

Built for Marketers

Unlike other insights software, intelligentVIEW is designed to be used by marketers. You don’t need to be a data geek
or statistician to understand your customers.


In minutes produce visualized consumer profiles to inform your marketing planning and decision making.


What is important to your customers? How can you reach them? intelligentVIEW answers the most important data driven marketing questions.


As a a simple web-based software– there’s nothing to install and no involvement from IT needed.

Customizable and Shareable Visualized Reports

You can choose what, and how many of the 25 robust modules you need for your report, customizing the insights to answer you marketing questions.

Modules include:

  • Demographics and segmentation – an overview of your customers’ age, income, housing and employment characteristics.
  • Media habits – a complete breakdown of the radio, television, print and Internet habits of your customers.
  • Household spending – an overview of their household costs including groceries, health care, clothing and entertainment.
  • Travel – an in-depth analysis of your customers’ travel and vacation habits and spending patterns.
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Degree View of Customers and Prospects

Report Modules to Tell Your Customer Story

Attributes to Define Your

Seconds to Customer and Market Profiles

How it Works

intelligentVIEW tells the story about your customers, markets, trade areas, competitors or prospects. We combine your data (at the postal code level) with our report modules to give you visualized report. You choose the chapters you want to read.

Marketers use these reports to:

Understand – Relevant content, targeted media selection, events, products and programs are all grounded in knowing your audience.

Find – Find where your customers are, what they look like and other prospects like them.

Engage – Use what you’ve learned about your customers to engage and connect with them in relevant ways.


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Tools to Help You Succeed

intelligentVIEW is filled with data and features to help you answer your most pressing marketing questions.

Report Modules

25+ customer behaviour modules.

Heat Maps

Find your customer and market hotspots.

Direct Media Counts

Connected to 3rd party direct media lists.

Shareable Reports

Share tool for tracking and managing use of reports.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Get your insights on the go. Whether you’re in an agency briefing or evaluating a location for expansion, let intelligentVIEW insights inform your marketing decisions.


Solutions for Every Business

intelligentVIEW’s customizable reports and flexible pricing model helps marketers from all sizes of companies and industries unlock data to find the insights they need.


Content drives marketing

One of the top challenges for marketers today is defining, producing and delivering content. Content marketing strategies and plans start with understanding who am I talking to, what is important to them and where should I engage. intelligentVIEW provides those insight.

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CMOs Push for Multi-Channel Touchpoints,
Marketing Team Delivers

Using intelligentVIEW, analysts generate actionable insights that improve the planning process for multi-channel campaigns to reach new customers.

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Insurer Uses intelligentVIEW for Better Agency Briefs

During the briefing process, it’s important to articulate the target in an insightful, clear and concise way. Use intelligentVIEW to create detailed agency briefs.

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What our clients say

  • "CiG and intelligentVIEW have changed the way I understand my audience and improves the way I buy media. I am able to successfully expand my list media choices beyond the traditional not for profit universe."
    Janice Gray, Manager, Lottery - Canadian Cancer Society
  • "Quickly and simply understanding a set of customers or a potential market has been very easy with intelligentVIEW.  We were early adopters of the platform and have integrated its information into a number of business planning exercises and acquisition campaign targeting."
    Filomena Henriques, Director, Direct Marketing - Scotiabank