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Updated Customer Personas Drive Loyalty & Advertising Decision Making

Updated Customer Personas Drive Loyalty & Advertising Decision Making

The challenge when dated, irrelevant customer insights drive decision-making

For many consumers choosing a gas bar retailer is more about convenience than loyalty, something Gas Bar Loyalty Programs are put in place to change.

Loyalty programs are built on data from customer interactions, preferences and behaviours and often Customer Personas are developed and used internally as a tool to guide decision making.

Five years ago the gas bar retailer had invested significant time and resources into developing Personas to be used by Loyalty, Marketing, and Product teams but these Personas were not updated with internal data and no longer reflected the current customer.

Update Customer Personas with the click of a button

Not interested in a costly, manual, resource intensive segmentation project, the Loyalty Manager approached CiG on using intelligentVIEW to update and refine existing Customer Personas.

The Loyalty Manager uploaded available Loyalty Program data into intelligentVIEW to create the initial visualized reports detailing the good, better, and best customers.

intelligentVIEW modules help build The Gas Bars’ Customer Personas:

  • Demographic information: age, income, presence of children, ethnicity
  • Shopping habits: preferred gas stations and convenience stores
  • Automotive: types of cars most likely found in their garage
  • Media habits: radio and TV habits, magazine and newspaper readership



Image source: intelligentVIEW reporting

Proprietary data attributes to build Customer Personas included:

  • Where and when the customer shops for gas.
  • Spend on gas and convenience items.
  • Other services purchased.
  • Interaction with digital and other promotional content.

Working with the CiG team, the Loyalty Manager was able to expand and enhance the original Customer Personas to 8 unique Personas, 2 of which were never on the internal radar for either Marketing or Sales.

Updated Customer Personas drive new targeted campaign for The Gas Bar

  1. A test advertising campaign targeting the 2 new Customer Personas using new media channels – radio spots and digital. No more guessing.
  2. intelligentVIEW AdSpot was used to evaluate competitor activity and offers against the new personas to inform offer development and test specific loyalty messaging. Competitive insight.
  3. Customer Personas were shared with The Gas Bar’s agency to inform creative execution at the point of sale in store and at the pump. Targeted creative.

Verify campaign execution as it happens

The Gas Bar launched the campaign and did not cross fingers and hope for the best.

Share of voice and competitor offerings were monitored in real time through intelligentVIEW AdSpot, empowering The Gas Bar Marketers to be responsive and agile during the campaign.



Long term win for the loyalty manager

The new Personas have now been shared throughout the organization and formed the foundation of a planned update to the Gas Retailers Loyalty Program and test customizations of the buyer experience.


Learn more about intelligentVIEW AdSpot.

Learn more about intelligentVIEW.

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