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Combine Internal Data With intelligentVIEW For Better Customer Insights

Combine Internal Data With intelligentVIEW For Better Customer Insights

Overwhelmed with Internal Data

After years of success with intelligentVIEW, the Direct Marketing Group at Acme Bank began using the software to support their strategic marketing decisions for up-sell, cross-sell, acquisitions and product development.

Financial companies have access to vast amounts of data – customer data, transactional information, operational data, etc. But Acme Bank had challenges leveraging their existing data because:

• Internal data doesn’t always have the complete customer picture.

• Internal data isn’t always up to date.

• Considerable internal resources are needed to pull the data together.

• Time pressures mean the analytics team can’t always output the data in a marketer-friendly way.

Acme Bank needed to find a way to fill in the gaps missing from their internal, existing data to create a full customer profile.


Fast Insights Software for More Detailed Customer Profiles

To fill the data gaps, Acme Bank looked to intelligentVIEW data sources. Combining data internal and external data allowed the Acme Bank team to:

• Create customer profiles by integrating their internal data with intelligentVIEW’s external data. Combining data provided psychographic information (i.e. hobbies, interests, etc.) alongside the demographic information of their customers.

• Generate detailed customer profiles to go beyond their transactional data and better segment their customers.

• Inform media planning with intelligentVIEW reports demonstrating marketing channels relevant to their audience.

Acme bank was able to combine their transactional data with intelligentVIEW profiles to create a clear picture of who their customers are to service in-house insights and marketing strategy.

Laura Marshall is a redhead, self-proclaimed geek and Marketing Manager at CiG. She works tireless to develop creative marketing ideas, make things look pretty and generally class up the joint.