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Canadians are Crazy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday [Infographic]

Canadians are Crazy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday [Infographic]

The American traditions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. In 2014, Canadians spent a record-breaking $43.03 billion in November in large part thanks to Black Friday.

In fact, 965,000 Canadians called in sick to work so they could take advantage of the deals and 2.3 million planned to shop during work hours. And with Black Friday sales 5% higher than Boxing Day sales, it’s time for Canadian retailers to join the shopping frenzy.

Check out this infographic for more reasons to start planning your Black Friday campaigns. Click here to see what’s expected for 2016.


CiG partner and story spinner, Kevin Klein has spent 20 years and counting developing solutions for some of the most prolific marketers in Canada. His out of the box approach to problem solving is well versed in the practical and tactical. Kevin will always make time for an Anthony Bourdain, Farley Mowat or Bob Hunter anecdote. Just ask.