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Understanding Donors: 5 reasons Canadian NFPs choose insights automation

Understanding Donors: 5 reasons Canadian NFPs choose insights automation

Canadian NFPs not only want to understand who has the means and empathy to donate but the motivation behind why people donate.

Uncovering the ‘why’ helps Marketers generate awareness, convert supporters into donors and donors into regular contributors.

Many NFPs approach CiG with this specific challenge in mind. Our recommendation is always simple, insights automation for everyone.

Insights automation is especially valuable to not-for-profit Marketers who require an acute understanding of audience habits, motivations, and preferences to develop campaigns that evoke empathy.

Jason Novelli, Manager of Donor Marketing at Diabetes Canada used CiG’s insights automation platform to better understand the Diabetes Canada donor-base and had positive things to say:


“intelligentVIEW allowed us to gain donor insight that would otherwise be inaccessible using our own systems. We segmented our donor-base and learned that long standing assumptions about demographics and behaviour were inaccurate. As a result, we were able to focus on specific segments to inform our direct marketing strategy and actually ended up reducing campaign costs.”

Jason Novelli, Manager, Donor Marketing – Diabetes Canada


Along with driving strategic and tactical marketing decisions, we collected a few more reasons to support why insights automation is a competitive advantage for Canadian not-for-profits.


5 reasons why Canadian NFPs choose insights automation to understand Donors:


1.      Update and create donor profiles on demand

Take an iterative approach to understanding a customer base without the extra time, dollars and business case requirement. Explore what you don’t know, rather than validate a hypothesis. That’s kind of the whole point of customer insights, right?


2.      Easily segment your donor base

Segment how you want, whenever you want. Find sponsorship opportunities, potential partnerships and gain valuable donor insight.

Immediately answer questions like:

  • What type of events do supporters participate in?
  • What do my donors do outside of my organization?


3.      The right creative, content, and offer for your acquisition campaign

  • Clearly, communicate customer insights with your agency to inspire remarkable creative.
  • Make copy choices that suit your audience. Targeting an older audience? Perhaps using a larger font makes more sense?
  • Tailor the offer to the target. Should the minimum donation request change according to household income?


4.      Spend media dollars effectively

Understand how your audience prefers to interact with your organization. Direct mail may be a viable channel for some segments, while others desperately need you to be digital and mobile.


5.      Simple, shareable customer insights reporting

For organizations short on resources, output that is easily understood by everyone is an advantage. Easily generate and share reporting to make data driven decisions.

“The intelligentVIEW platform is a user-friendly experience. Donor insights reporting was easy to understand and share with all levels at Diabetes Canada.”

Jason Novelli, Manager, Donor Marketing – Diabetes Canada


5 Reasons you should automate your insights.

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